Red Rally.

All hail the “king”.


Bad Moon Rising.

Can you feel the tension?

War And (No) Peace: Full Week Ahead Preview

Say your prayers.

$100 Billion Dollars!


‘It’s Insanity’

“I don’t… nobody knows what’s going on.”

Please Mr. Postman.

Tuesday was another day that had a distinctly circus-like character to it…

Goldman Isn’t Saying Now Is The Time To Hedge, They’re Just Saying If There Was Ever A Time To Hedge, It’s Probably Now


David Stockman On Tesla, Trump, And ‘Crazy Time’

“That amounts to 156 months without a recession in the face of a guaranteed bond shock that will take the 10-year benchmark yield to 4.00% and beyond.”

The 3 ‘T’s: Full Week Ahead Preview

In essence, the same things everyone was watching last week (e.g. tech, trade, Trump) will be in focus again…

Quarter Back.

It was only fitting that the quarter should close in dramatic fashion for U.S. equities.

Enjoy The Easter Bunny, Because Q2 Will Be Just As ‘Interesting’ As Q1

“Enjoy those chocolates.”

David Stockman: That ‘Unicorn’ Isn’t Real

“The single most important price in all of capitalism is the interest rate—-and at all points on the maturity curve. And the single most important truth about honest interest rates is that they must be discovered by markets, not imposed by the state.”

Low Tech.

It should be fine. Really.

‘Rates < HY < IG < Equity': Hierarchy Of Vulnerability Revisited

“This seemingly counterintuitive result has a distinct ‘path-dependent’ flavor.”

‘In Late January A Client Called Us With An Exasperated Query’: Why Barclays Sees A ‘Bumpy Road Ahead’

“In the last week of January, as equities went on yet another run, a client who had been waiting to buy the dip called us with an exasperated query.”