“Screwed you’re.”


‘It Is As If Time Had Stood Still’: Basking In The Light Of Goldilocks

“Nothing, it seemed, could upset the future.”

This Hasn’t Happened Since 1995…

A couple of things worth noting…

The 100-Year Bull Market

“The longest run has been during the Roaring 20s, ending with the Great Depression.”

But that could soon be eclipsed.

The Last Time This Happened, The World Ended…

“What do you mean, ‘we,’ Kemo Sabe?”

Lost: $25 Trillion Worth Of Yield

Please return to market if found.

There Is No ‘Value’ Here, So Just Stop It.

Common sense ain’t so common.

A Truly Taxing Day.

Thursday, bloody Thursday.

False Start.

15 yards…

Just One Question As The Bond Rout Continues: When’s The Tantrum In Stocks?

Ok, so the setup is definitely in place…

Two Hundred And Seventeen Years.

Wouldn’t it be super-fun if someone looked at bonds and equities from 15 DM countries going back 217 years and then made an equally weighted index to find out how expensive things really are versus history? 

‘A Big, Huge, Alaskan Grizzly Bond Bear’ Finds A New Trade

“I am a big, huge, Alaskan Peninsular grizzly of a bear when it comes to fixed income, but sometimes I need to find ways to express that view without just putting it all on the dark side.”

The Dog Days: July In Charts

The dog days are here…

A Dovish Fed Day In Charts

So “dovish” it was, or at least “dovish” was the market’s read on the Fed statement. The language on the outlook for inflation was timid and “relatively soon” on the balance sheet gives them an out if they end up needing it. “The post-meeting statement noted that the Committee expects to begin balance sheet normalization…


“There were some fleeting signs of two-way price action, but generally speaking, shit remained at about its highest level ever.”