OPEC Deal Hangs In The Balance As A Lukewarm Iran Still Irritated At Trump

“We’ll see what happens”.


‘What A Difference A Quarter Makes’: Why One Bank Is Taking A ‘Glass Half Full’ Approach

“What gives”?

The Hateful Eight.

Lucky number 8.

After Begrudgingly Agreeing To Release Child Hostages, Trump Plays MAGA Concert In Minnesota

“Maybe it was best for Trump to get out of town briefly, so after his own twisted version of Juneteenth, he headed up to Duluth, Minnesota, for one of those perfectly normal campaign rallies for himself he likes to have periodically.”

Listen Up, World: Wilbur Ross Says It’s ‘Game Over’ For Your ‘Elaborate, Non-Science-Based’ Trade Excuses About Chicken Diseases

“It’s all nonsense.”

Goldman Ups S&P Earnings Forecasts But…

For what it’s worth…

‘It Doesn’t Take A Genius To See What’s Coming’: Amid Daimler News, Albert Edwards Warns On Auto Tariffs

“Trump has previously expressed his disdain at German luxury brands, particularly Mercedes, and its prominence on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Autocar has reported that Trump has said he would tax Mercedes models off Fifth Avenue!”

Daimler Is Trying To Tell You Something. Are You Listening?

If you’re looking for concrete signs that the threat of an escalating global trade conflict is  starting to weigh on the outlook, here’s one.

Italy Grabs Center Stage (Again) As Banks, Bonds Crushed On Euroskeptic Appointments

Ciao Bella.

Saudi Arabia, Argentina Upgraded By MSCI: What It Means

Take a second to skim this, as it’s pretty important, especially in light of recent events.

OPEC Whisper Number: 600,000 To 800,000 Barrels/Day Increase


Family Time.

Lots and lots of “winning.”

Ray Dalio: ‘Trump Is Playing Chicken With China’

“It will be telling to see how this plays out”…

One Strategist Asks: ‘Is It Time To Grab The Cash And Canned Goods And Run For The Bunker?’

“No, not really.”

‘Gains Are Like An Escalator, But Losses Are Like Going Down A Lift’: More Warnings On EM FX

“…it will get really bad if the Fed is hiking when growth is slowing.”