Kanye Shrug.

And that’s the week.


After Being On The Right Side Of Dead Ass Wrong, Tom Lee Now Says Bitcoin Heading For $125,000

Let’s say you’re an analyst….

Crispin Odey Not To Blame For Losing Investors Two-Thirds Of Their Money

2013 Trump Reminds 2018 Trump That Shutdown Is No Big Deal

Just what the doctor ordered.

Rumblings In The East: WSJ Says BoJ Thinking About ‘Massaging’ You

Needless to say, that’s likely to fan the flames in terms of speculation about whether the predictably “boring” BoJ is about to get more exciting and thereby become a source of uncertainty for markets. 

U.S. Oil Output Set To Overtake Saudi Arabia As Prices Rise Amid ‘Rare Threesome’

“…and rivaling Russia.”

Are You Paying Attention To Hong Kong? Because I’m Paying Attention To Hong Kong

H-shares: best week in 18 months.

In New Letter, SEC Has 5 Questions For Anyone Who Thinks They’re Going To Launch A Bitcoin ETF

Obviously, none of those things (especially the last one) are any semblance of important and if the SEC was really interested in being on the cutting edge of the digital-coin-based pyramid scheme revolution, they’d have dropped the whole benign paternalism bullshit when the Winklevoss twins came knocking last year.

DOJ And DHS Definitely Didn’t Goal Seek A Terrorist-Immigrant Connection That Doesn’t Exist, Ok?

“He was the best student at Wharton, though, believe me. So he knows the way you math good is to start with the answer and then work backward to the question.”

Soooo… Can I Still Go Golfing?

Is it Friday yet?

It’s Time For A Little Chat About El Salvadorian Bond Yields

Christopher Harvey Thinks Maybe He’s Not Getting Through To You When It Comes To Crypto Spillover Risk

Once the end game plays out and the losses are actually booked we’ll get to see whether the despair that accompanies the final rout will spill over into all the places Harvey seems to think it will.

Meanwhile, In Venezuela: The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee Is Rising At An Annualized 448,025%

Listen, things are going great in Venezuela, ok?

What Would A Government Shutdown Mean For Markets? Goldman Explains

Even if we avert a shutdown this week, things will be worse next month for the following three reasons…

Trump Grabs Babysitter John Kelly By The Pussy, Insists Wall Thinking Is Just As Crazy As Ever

Damn, John. Happy trails.