George Soros Debunks Absurd, State-Sponsored Refugee Conspiracy Theory

“The national consultation and the release of the results are the latest elements of a massive ongoing propaganda campaign funded by Hungarian taxpayers to benefit a deeply corrupt government seeking to deflect attention from its failure to fulfill Hungarians’ legitimate aspirations, particularly in education and health care.”


An Oxymoron For 2018

Will idiosyncratic risks be magnified as global QE is rolled back?

‘As Good As Gold?’: A Last Minute Reality Check Before Sunday’s Bitcoin Futures Launch

What could go wrong?

Roy Moore: ‘Maybe Putin Is More Akin To Me Than I Know’

“We promote a lot of bad things.” Asked for an example, he replied: “Same-sex marriage.”

Goldman Answers 7 Questions About Their 2018 U.S. Equity Outlook

“How can you be “rationally exuberant” about the path of US stocks in 2018 when equity valuations are so high?”

The 2 Most Important Issues As Bitcoin Goes Parabolic

And before anyone jeers, this is penned by a crypto enthusiast.

All’s Well That Ends With A Record Close.

It’s Friday.

‘The Inconvenient Truth About Asset Bubbles’

Any questions? If so, please refer them to your favorite FinTwit pundit who will be happy to show you a chart he made on Excel that “disproves” all of the above.

One Trade, Two Housing Bubbles, And The Greatest Speculative Mania In History

“The prevailing wisdom is that there are two great housing bubbles out there today”…

Fiancee Of George Papadopoulos Calls Trump A Liar, Says ‘The First Domino’ Has Fallen

“First of all, I would love [for] George to learn how to make a coffee, because it’s absolutely out of his skills.”

Who Is ‘Mike Erickson’? Trump, Son Received E-mail Offering WikiLeaks Decryption Key

“I don’t remember it.”

Jobs Report Mixed As Headline Beats, Earnings Miss

It’s a hit/miss.

Don’t Ignore The Overnight Rally In Hong Kong

Whether or not this bounce is sustainable and more broadly, whether Friday marks a turning point for sentiment which was rapidly deteriorating will help determine whether global risk assets are able to rally into year-end.

How Time Itself Became Collateral Damage Of The Short Vol. Trade

The fourth wall and beyond.

December 7, 2017: ‘A Date Which Will Live In Bitcoin Infamy’

This is “beyond abnormal, it’s unprecedented.”