Monday Humor: Flynn Last Year On Taking The 5th



“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow,” One Trader Indicts A “Sheep-Like, Cynical” Market

“Last week it was, U.S. is cratering, the legislative agenda is dead, China is tightening at a dangerous rate and Brazil will take down the emerging market complex. So far today, and it’s only Monday, global growth is accelerating, corporate profits are great, China knows exactly when to ease off the decelerator, PMIs are a source of strength not worry.”

This Hasn’t Happened Since 2007

So a lot of folks have observed that if you’re looking for a reason to not sell stocks on negative political headlines, one argument goes something like this: the market stopped believing in Trump’s agenda a long time ago, so while there are plenty of reasons to lighten up, “Trump” probably isn’t a good one.…

This Is A Bubble

Ok look, I know we’ve said this over and over. But the evidence just keeps piling up. High yield credit is a goddamn bubble. And it refuses to burst. Hell it was just yesterday when we noted that if you want to know just how resilient junk has become, you need only look at Wednesday…