Cheshire Cat’s Smile: ‘What Is The Fed Worried About?’

“It appears ‘indestructible’, but not in a conventional way, more like a survivor of one’s own death.”


Breaking News: Real People Are Still Struggling To Pay The Bills

“What are the biggest risks to your financial situation?”

Still ‘Goldilocks’? Inflation Jumps To Six- Year High

So is this “good” news or “bad” news or somewhere in between?

‘Main Street Optimism Is On A Stratospheric Trajectory’: Small Businesses Go All-In On Trump’s Pedal To The Metal Populism

“You will ride eternal, tacky and gold leaf”…

Who Really Understands The Risks? It’s Probably Not Who You Think.

I think that gets it backwards.

Jobs Report Beats Across The Board, Unemployment Rate Falls, Just As Economist Donald Trump Teased

“Looking forward to seeing it”…

Well Done With A Side Of Ketchup: What’s The Worst That Could Happen To The U.S. Fiscal Position?

“I know steaks.”

Retail Sales! Who’s Excited?!

As a reminder, this is the marquee data point in the U.S. this week and it will be yet another opportunity for the market to assess the new, U.S.-centric growth narrative.

Uncharted Waters: Budget Lunacy, The #MAGA Economy And What PredictIt Predicts For Rates

“You will ride eternal, tacky and gold leaf”…

What Does History Say About Mideast Turmoil, Crude And Inflation?

More questions than answers, as per usual.

Good News! The Algos Say The US Economy ‘Is Doing Just Fine’

Ignore the large laser cannon, he’s just here to help!

You People Gave The Best Earnings Season In Recent Memory The Kanye Shrug. Why?


One Analyst Reminds ‘Old, Grizzled’ PMs That ‘We’re Late In The Cycle’ Is Not Research

Take that, “old, grizzled PMs.”

CPI Misses As Investors Get Possible Reprieve From Inflation Jitters

Do you feel better?

Should You Buy The Banks Like, Right Now? Yes! No. I Don’t Know, Maybe!

Clients just want to know when the damn recession is coming, ok?