More Buybacks For The Rich – And More Ding Dongs For The Rest Of You

And Ho Hos. Don’t forget the Ho Hos.


Behold: An ‘Incubator For Vicious Steepeners’

Something tells us this is an underappreciated tail risk, indeed.

David Stockman: It’s A Matter Of Time Before Trump Attacks The Fed

“Indeed, the Donald’s impending attack on the purported sacred ‘independence’ of the Fed is the Orange Swan that looms over the casino.”

When China Catches Cold…

The spillovers will be “tremendous.”

A Unified Theory Of Everything: From The Fed, To Volatility, To LIBOR To BTFD

Got all of that? 

David Stockman: ‘There Has Been No Acceleration Of Main Street Under Trump’

“In effect, the Donald is taking credit for the doings of the plain old business cycle, and at the worst possible time.”

David Stockman: These Are ‘The Delusions Of MAGA’

“The Donald is not leading America to the promised land. Instead, he’s leading it to war abroad, fiscal and economic calamity at home and a crisis of governance that pales Watergate into insignificance.”

By 2023, America Will Be In Worse Fiscal Shape Than Italy, Mozambique And Burundi

Who’s “tired of winning”?

‘Oh, My God’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Plenty to fret about (and laugh at).

The Poverty Of Tech And The Tech Of Poverty

It was one of those rainy and damp days, I was finding my way out of the F-train subway on Bergen St. in Brooklyn. On the mezzanine level, in the corner of the stairwell, I noticed a young man, couldn’t have been much older than 30….

One Bank Brings You The ‘Word From Main Street’, And The Word Is…

Apparently, Wall Street needs to conduct surveys to get a read on what the “word” from Main Street is, because after all, if you’re working in lower Manhattan and pulling in a cool 300k, you’re probably not spending a lot of time hanging out with the poors in social settings.

CPI Basically In Line As Wireless ‘Distortion’ Starts To Roll Off

Without further ado…

David Stockman: Forget The FBI, This Is The ‘Real Raiding Party’

“While the FBI was raiding the offices of Trump’s lawyer yesterday afternoon, the CBO published a blockbuster report evidencing the Donald’s own raiding party.”

Albert Edwards Explains Why The S&P Will Eventually Fall Below The 2009 Lows

“In the next recession, I would expect the P/E to bottom at about seven times, a lower low with earnings about 30% lower because of the recession. That would put the S&P lower than the 666 low of the previous crash, versus 2671 Thursday afternoon.”

$1 Trillion Here We Come! New CBO Forecast Probably Won’t Please Trump

#MALFRTIAW: Make America less fiscally responsible than it already was.