Tom And Jerry.

No shortage of entertainment on Wednesday.


Tell Us More Rudy Giuliani. Please, God Tell Us More.

“We are old enough to remember when this guy insisted that the investigation would be over in two weeks, but please, tell us more about the time when Robert Mueller sat down with Rudy Giuliani for a long heart-to-heart about legal strategy!”

Fed Minutes: FOMC Says Inflation Overshoot ‘Could Be Helpful’

I guess it depends on your definition of “helpful”.

Turkey Delivers Emergency Rate Hike But Credibility Is Already ‘Shot To Hell’


Requiem For A Meme: 3 Charts

Remember “Goldilocks”?

One Bank’s Stark Warning On Turkey: ‘This Time May Be Different’

This may be your tail risk, right here.

Can You Say ‘Quantitative Failure’? Fresh Evidence Of Eurozone Economic Deceleration Raises Uncomfortable Questions

Even without the Italian jitters, you do not want to be tightening policy into a slowdown and again, this just underscores the risk inherent in persisting in accommodation for years upon years…

‘They’re Waiting For A Miracle’: Turkish Lira Collapses Most Since Coup

“Urgent measures” needed urgently.

Goldman Asks: ‘Will The Machines Amplify the Next Downturn?’

Expect this to get plenty of attention.

“HFTs know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

Morgan Stanley Recalls Quant From Bridgewater Internship/Spy Mission

Court Crane brings the Tao of Ray to the House of Gorman.


Premature elation.

Trump Holds Court With Moon, Says Obama Was Spying On Him, Brags About Xi’s Poker Skills, Promises To Make Kim Jong-Un Rich


‘9 Times? 9 Times’: White House Pretty Sure Blowback From The Whole ‘They’re Animals’ Thing Is Just Veiled Praise

“It’s hard to imagine that if Hillary Clinton had won, she’d proudly display on a “Deplorables Update: Straight Outta the Trailer Park” help page, and under Obama, never had “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bitter Gun and Bible Clingers* (And The Stupid Police).”

Bond Market Pretty Sure Populism Is More Dangerous Than Any Sanctions Russia Might Have Incurred For Covertly Pushing Populism

Pick your poison and mind the self-referential absurdity of the whole damn thing.

Turkey Now Less Credit Worthy Than Senegal Amid Ongoing Currency Crisis … Is What A ‘Gulenist Tool’ Would Say

Are you trying to make Erdogan lose his mind? Because you’re going to make Erdogan lose his mind.