‘Father Of HFT’ On Bitcoin Futures: Peterffy Warns CFTC Of ‘Suicidal’ Decision

“…if the Chicago Mercantile Exchange or any other clearing organization clears a cryptocurrency together with other products, then a large cryptocurrency price move that destabilizes members that clear cryptocurrencies will destabilize the clearing organization itself.”


Your Oil And Gas Stocks Just Got Some Really Bad News Out Of Norway

But this is the kind of thing I’m talking about when it comes to markets not appreciating the extent to which everything is now tied up in self-feeding dynamics that no one appreciates. 

Trump ‘Graciously’ Accepts ‘Thank You’ From UCLA Students, Demands They Thank Chinese Dictator Too

“Now thank Xi.”

What Global Selloff?

“…the nagging fear that the boy who cried wolf was only telling the truth when everyone had learnt to ignore him.”

You Are A Silly Bunch With Your Fingers On $610 Billion

You people are an irrational bunch and you always have been.

It Could Have Been Worse – A Lot Worse.

The setup was terrible, with falling commodities, a downbeat Asian session, and junk jitters weighing on sentiment.

‘I’ll Put Him In A Grave Myself’: Bannon Said To Turn On Roy Moore, Drudge Takes Aim

What Bannon does now may well determine whether he retains his influence going forward.

Market Doom Loop Update: Risk From VIX ETPs, CTAs Flashes Red

It’s all about “loops” and “spirals” these days.

Markets Would Be A Lot Safer If We Wound Back The Clock About 25 Years

But times have changed.

Albert Edwards Hears ‘Rustlings Of Discontent’, Says You Agree With Him That ‘This Will End Badly’

“Many of these same investors, however, tend to agree with us on a two year view that things are likely to end very badly.”

Trump Returns From Asia, Promises ‘Fruits’, Says CNN Is ‘Bad, Fake, Loser’

Donald Trump is done with Asia. He’s so over it.

Bloodbath: Global Stocks Dive In Tandem

Buckle up.

How Much Do You Trust Your EM Bond ETF?

Something tells me that if we do get a truly meaningful selloff in HY and/or EM credit, this is going to be the only thing anyone is talking about.

More Questions, Less Answers.

Not what I would call an “upbeat” session.

Oxy, Xbox, Prison: 3 Reasons Young Men Aren’t Working In America

… but the far more important question is whether any of the three explanations posited above have any merit. Because if they do, we are in deep shit as a society.