‘Savor The Moment’ Because February’s Selloff Was ‘An Appetizer, Not The Main Course’

There you go. Lots of “bummers” on the horizon. So you know “savor” the moment, because…


Jeff Bezos, Who Is Not A Super-Villain, Is Building A Giant Clock Inside A Mountain

Venezuela Launches Cryptocurrency ‘The Petro’ – Here Is The Manual

“Petro (PTR) has its origin in the idea of president Hugo Chavez”…

Get Ready For ‘More Pain’ Trader Says, As Yields Rise, Stocks Fall, U.S. Traders Return

But hell, you never know these days. U.S. investors are a funny bunch and they’re prone to defying common sense when it comes to piling in for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Mark Carney Thinks Maybe Bitcoin Is A Useless Piece Of ‘Failed’ Digi-Shit

I forgot about the burgeoning “flying urban tax market”…

In High Yield: Exodus

“Big league”.

Is This How The Junk Bond ETFs Blow Up?

You know there’s probably something a bit quixotic about the crusade to warn of an eventual blowup in the high yield ETF space. But…

Ethereum Founder: Cryptocurrencies Can ‘Drop To Near-Zero At Any Time’


Goldman Warns On U.S. Fiscal Policy: ‘We Are Heading Into Uncharted Territory’

“This is an unusual course.”

‘As Far As I’m Concerned, It’s Just Speculation’: Full Week Ahead Preview

“Right away, you’re ready to sell it.”

In My Experience, Getting Drunk With Political Scientists Is Safer Than Getting Drunk With Economists

Two economists walk into a bar…

Baby Birds.

I think people might be missing some of the nuance inherent in what’s happened to markets this month. 

I Bet You Care About The Bond Market Now, Don’t You?

Funny what losing $3 trillion will do.

Someone Forgot To Tell President Stable Genius That ‘Thumbs Up’ Isn’t Appropriate For Post-School Shooting Photo Ops

A heavy diet of “fuck your feelings,” it seems, leads to inappropriate social behavior.

‘Is Nobody Gonna Tell Him?’ MAGA And The Pedal To The Metal Economy