Word Is Bond.

Dat’s yo’ word, son?


Step Right Up, Folks, And Short These Bonds!

What could go wrong?

Steve Mnuchin’s Treasury Sanctions Iran’s Central Bank Governor For Funneling Money To Soleimani, Quds, Hezbollah

“It is appalling, but not surprising.”

The Market Has A New ‘Top Tail Risk’ (And The Same ‘Most Crowded Trade’)

Risks aplenty.

For One Bank, This Is ‘One Of The Most Striking Developments Of The Past Few Weeks’

Hint: it’s the normalization of U.S. equity volatility.

Retail Sales! Who’s Excited?!

As a reminder, this is the marquee data point in the U.S. this week and it will be yet another opportunity for the market to assess the new, U.S.-centric growth narrative.

Lira Plunges To New Record Low As Erdogan Delivers Insane, Deadpan Bloomberg Interview


‘Transitory’ Or Not, European Deceleration Raises ‘QF’ Specter, Dreaded ‘Ammo’ Question

Nobody say “quantitative failure”.

Uncharted Waters: Budget Lunacy, The #MAGA Economy And What PredictIt Predicts For Rates

“You will ride eternal, tacky and gold leaf”…

Different Day, Same Stories, Only Different.

But still, read it.

‘Be Cool’ ‘Murika, Trump Needs To Make China ‘Great Again’ For A Minute Then He’ll Get Back To You

“President America First will be … Making China Great Again! Just as he promised the forgotten men and women in Real Murika on the campaign trail.”

‘They’re Still The Largest Sellers Of Vol.’: And So, The Baton Is Passed To Forward Guidance

Remember, “transparency as a way of stabilizing the markets has become a tool of suboptimal control.”

If Consensus Conference Wanted To Prove How Dope Crypto Is, They Might Have Gone With 2 Chainz Over Snoop For ‘Secret’ Afterparty

“Lookin like a big ole Bitcoin.”

Canary Tipping And Dynamite Fishing

“There are many ‘canaries’ that are starting to ‘fall over’ – hence we are deeply concerned about current market conditions. “

Divorcing Bill Gross Will Turn You Into A World-Class Art Forger And Master Thief

Oh, you want details of how Sue Gross pulled off a dope-ass, shady-ass art heist on her ex-husband?