Faux Deadlines

Faux Deadlines

The stimulus "deadline" in the US on Tuesday turned out not to be a "deadline," but it did seemingly succeed in prodding Steve Mnuchin further towards the Democratic position at the margins. Talks continued on Wednesday and they'll likely drag on through Thursday too. A deal between The White House and Nancy Pelosi now appears as the most likely outcome, to the extent it makes sense to speak in probabilities anymore. Do the terms "likely" and "unlikely" have any meaning in an upside-down world
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6 thoughts on “Faux Deadlines

  1. People aren’t sitting around their kitchen tables talking about stocks. They aren’t sitting around talking about stimulus packages, either.

    They are sitting around their kitchen tables right now taking about character.

    Americans are looking at Donald Trump, and they are saying this man represents ME. They are saying Donald Trump represents ME as an individual, and that this man represents US as Americans, who we are — when others look at US.

    And you know what? Americans don’t like the idea that Donald Trump represents who they are.

    They hate it. They hate the lying. They hate the bigotry. They hate the racism. They hate the cruelty. They hate it when they hear his voice speaking out through his followers. They hate it when they hear a name called, a minority attacked, and any blind, unreasoning assault on people, or any human being.

    They hate Donald Trump because they hate his hatred. That’s what they are talking about.

  2. I agree.
    There are a few more politicians (on both sides of the aisle), who I won’t name (I have learned) that I would categorize as “I am embarrassed that they are in an elected position, representing the United States”.
    Term limits, please.
    I also think that the Federal government has gotten “way too big”. One size fits all does not work- many of the things the Federal government is meddling in should be moved to the states.
    Oh well, probably not going to happen anytime soon. Meanwhile, I am learning to separate the political portion of my investment analysis from my libertarian dreams.

    1. Just to complete my thought process, as long as the printing presses remain in operation ( Republicans and Democrats like to spend more than they collect in taxes) and interest rates stay low (therefore-TINA), probability of a liquidity crisis creating an equity sell off seem low (IMHO).
      I am somewhat worried about a solvency crisis (commercial real estate?), but I have seen that the Federal Reserve will not let US banks fail. Fed could buy the loans from banks and make them whole ( just more money printing required).

  3. Trump supporters are convinced the polls are wrong, deja vu 2016, despite pollsters saying methodology is fixed. Biden supporters are afraid they may be right, which out to motivate them to show up at the polls, but then again the youth always tends to stay away. What seems disconcerting for DEM is the 41% support by Hispanics for Trump as shown in a recent poll and the possibility that black men are breaking for Trump in larger numbers. Nothing is for certain. As for the stimulus bill, it is challenging by prior that no deal before the election is the most likely outcome so will be watching the goodjudgment site for any sign that sentiment is changing. A big beautiful deal would not seem to be priced.

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