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‘We Should Have Done Something. But I’m Not Optimistic’

Nancy Pelosi stoked stimulus optimism Tuesday during remarks to Bloomberg Television just hours ahead of what was billed as a "deadline" for a compromise if The White House hoped to push a package through the labyrinthine legislative process by election day. After repeating a series of familiar virus talking points that lean (too) heavily on the word "crush," Pelosi played down the notion of a "deadline" and otherwise sought to bring a measure of clarity to hopelessly muddy waters. Tuesday, she said, was the deadline to have the terms of a deal on the table. After briefly enumerating the various hoops any piece of legislation needs to jump through in order to become law, she expressed optimism. "We are on a path. You have to be optimistic," she said, sticking with her usual chipper cadence. "We are starting to write a bill. We need our legislation all written by the end of this week" in order for the deal to get done by election day, she remarked. Risk assets were pleased, and Treasury yields rose to the highest since June on heavy futures volume. Analysts, you'll note, are increasingly prone to giving up. "With less than three weeks until the US election, we expect no fiscal st
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4 comments on “‘We Should Have Done Something. But I’m Not Optimistic’

  1. runamok says:

    I don’t see rates going back up. We can’t forget that the economy is stalling, and that’s kind. Three more months of this and there will be real, economic distress.

    Hey, maybe the bottom will be Q1 2021. Maybe see rates near zero by then, near some peak for the pandemic here in the U.S. and right before any juice gets into the economy from any fiscal stimulus passed in the first session of the new Congress.

    Yay. So much to look forward to.

  2. LOL … “subject to the approval of the elderly Star Wars villain that presides over the Senate majority.” … McConnell is ruling in the tradition of fictional Sith Lord Darth Sidius, Palpatine. There is certainly a vocal similarity if not philosophical.

    Got to hand it to you I was laughing at that one.

  3. The sad thing is that Darth Sidius is fictional. Darth McConnell is not.

  4. DoubleB says:

    There’s an outside shot Pelosi played this perfectly. Get the deal done by the end of the week and spend the next 10 days goading Trump to pile it on Senate Republicans every which way. My guess . . . she’ll fumble the ball at the 5 and let them off the hook somehow.

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