‘OK, Google, Call The Lawyers’

‘OK, Google, Call The Lawyers’

Months in the making, the Justice Department's antitrust case against Google is set to go forward Tuesday, marking the opening salvo in what's expected to be a multi-front legal battle involving both the federal government and several state attorneys general. The DoJ is taking aim at Google's search dominance, while attacks on the company's ad monopoly are imminent. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have accused Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple, of various abuses vis-à-vis their clout in all things
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10 thoughts on “‘OK, Google, Call The Lawyers’

  1. One word: Bork (1978). But just maybe the Social Dilemma gets a more balanced playing field as we all remember that we are the product which without regulation changes tech behaviour…

  2. Where were the regulators when Walmart decimated small town American businesses? When Walmart came to town and cut prices to the bone it was adios mom & pop stores, there was no way for them to compete. I can live without Facebook and I do, but the others, no way.

  3. These companies are a strategic and competitive advantage for the US. Some sensible regulation in some instances makes sense, but anti-trust I’m not sure about. We need them.

    Shoot-from-the-hip ranking of strongest to weakest with regard to being resistant to anti-trust and regulation:
    * Amazon/Microsoft
    * Netflix
    …air gap…
    * Google
    * Facebook

    Re FB, there’s no law against helping make people misinformed and acting undereducated. If there were, FB would be open to class action from multiple AGs. it’s a waste of a company. Save for some open source software they made available to the tech community, the company adds nothing to the long-term productivity and innovation of our economy.

    The best thing about FB is that it provides a platform for intelligence and law enforcement agencies to gather information.

  4. I, and most other software engineers that I know, have set their default search app to DuckDuckGo. I don’t know why anyone would use anything else. Then again, I work in cyber security which influences my choices.

      1. Brave browser is also taking over in tech and cypherpunk. It allows users to block all ads and trackers, or if you want, get paid for being exposed to them. DuckDuckGo is its default search engine.

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