Mitch, Please…

Mitch, Please…

Donald Trump on Tuesday doubled down on the notion that he can cajole Mitch McConnell into backing a stimulus deal worth as much as four times the $500 billion targeted relief bill the Senate planned to vote on this week. The president, speaking in a characteristically cartoonish interview with Fox & Friends, admitted that "not every Republican agrees with me." They sure don't. As far as anyone knows, a $2 trillion stimulus bill is a complete non-starter among many Senate GOPers, and McCon
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4 thoughts on “Mitch, Please…

  1. Trump flipping Democrat would be quite the thing, 3 weeks before the election. Total Cabinet reset (can he fire the VP?) and a pledge of allegiance to D political objectives (meaningless coming from him but it’d be funny to see him trying to parrot BLM talking points)… Now that’d be politics!

  2. Why would GOP senators want to see Trump re-elected? I am sure that many of them can´t wait to be born again fiscal conservatives once Biden wins.

    1. Matthew, couldn’t agree more. I’m 100% sure that the majority of R Senators despise Trump, or at least are embarrassed by him, and would love to see him go, now that he’s done what he could for them – the corporate tax cuts and packing the courts. If Biden wins, expect to see an awful lot of “good Germans” in the coming years, just like after WWII.

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