A Unified Theory Of Everything: From The Fed, To Volatility, To LIBOR To BTFD

Got all of that? 


Breaking The Bank.

Beleaguered banks, commodities on the come up, golf, the usual…

Trader: There Is No Better Signal Than This

“Don’t bother arguing with the hard-money gurus about the correct policy course. Just watch the yield curve. The market is smarter than all of us.”

Truly Fine Gentlemen.

In good hands.

It’s Too Late To Stop Now: The Case Against Bonds

“Understanding the past is crucial to predicting the future.  It helps us come to terms with the fact that just as Van Morrison sang “too late to stop now,” we become addicted to debt and low rates without an answer to the question – how do we stop?”

Go Long.

And it’s only Monday.

‘Oh, My God’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Plenty to fret about (and laugh at).

Slime Balls, Animals And Lawyers, Oh My!

All you can do is laugh.

We’ll See What Happens.

Waiting game.

Red Rally.

All hail the “king”.

Bad Moon Rising.

Can you feel the tension?

War And (No) Peace: Full Week Ahead Preview

Say your prayers.

$100 Billion Dollars!


‘It’s Insanity’

“I don’t… nobody knows what’s going on.”

Please Mr. Postman.

Tuesday was another day that had a distinctly circus-like character to it…