Don’t Leave Town Without It

Don’t Leave Town Without It

More incrementally positive developments on the vaccine front bolstered risk sentiment in the US Tuesday as equities meandered near record highs and rates remained hostage to the same tug of war between ominous predictions about the economic fallout from new virus restrictions and the promise of a return to some semblance of normality next year. The UK began a national vaccination campaign, and America's regulatory apparatus took additional steps towards giving Pfizer the green light for emerge
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3 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Town Without It

  1. It should not be forgotten that Schumer and the corporatists led a behind-the-scenes effort during the primaries to kneecap the popular, grassroots driven Democratic challenger to Amy McGrath. Still, she barely squeaked that race out, only to go on and waste about $100M in a decisive loss to McConnell. Without these sorts of ‘interventions’ in ‘democracy’ from ‘well-meaning’ ‘leaders’, the country might be looking at a rather different setup right now, instead of being held hostage in a sort of perpetual purgatory.

  2. I’m going to point out a humorous video (from /r/WSB) that I think folks here will enjoy – picking up on a Charlie McGellicott quote, in a recent H article, about reddit WSB folk intentionally ganging up on tech-stock calls You can find it on youtube, search “war between wsb and traditional investor boomers” Hint: We weren’t the good guys.

    1. Amusing video. I feel like I’m on both sides of it right now, as a 65 year old historically terrible investor. I got in early on Palantir and Snowflake and have gains I’ve never seen in my life. But I also recently bought T and XOM, up 10+ percent on each, which historically for me would have been a big bonanza but seems like chump change watching the other two. So right now feeling good about both sides!

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