The Divide

I couldn't decide if it was ironic. And if it was, whether he recognized the irony. And if he did, whether he might be vexed by our conspicuously pretentious surroundings. I'd been to the place before, only not really. It'd changed owners twice in the decade and a half since I was last there, and locations at least that many times. In its latest incarnation it felt more like a cigar lounge than a restaurant, just without the cigars. Local suits murmured over rocks glasses in a dimly-lit sitting

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5 thoughts on “The Divide

  1. It is not surprising that a political agenda that does not improve the life of those who must pay for that improvement (either through taxes or inflation), but can not afford to pay such cost without suffering a decline in living standards, will not support such agenda.
    “Will I personally be better off or worse off?” is the question that most ask themselves before voting.
    As stated, the wealthy can afford to be altruistic.

  2. I want to sit down with you and have that conversation. I want to explain to you why…
    But somehow the things I believed in while I raised you have gone by the way side. They have become irrelevant. Further you are impatient. And you will never understand. Because it is irrelevant. By extension, I am irrelevant. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP
    You will not take my principles wholly away from me.
    Good luck in YOUR journey

    1. I don’t think you understood the article. Specifically, I’m not sure you understand what side of this divide I’m on. Actually, I’m not sure you read the article in its entirety at all. Your comment’s a bit bizarre both in the context of the piece and just in general. I suggest reading it (the article) again.

  3. H

    Yours skills in synthesizing the results of your voluminous reading are astonishing. Most academics can’t even do this any more. Clearly, your writing is a journey of self. I started that journey weekly, with the aid of a wonderful psychologist, for three years starting when my wife entered the end of her life in an acute care home in 2015. The end product of that trip was to realize that I had no politics. I hate politics now because it no longer serves the function it once had in serving as a useful mechanism of give and take to keep society on a reasonable path. As in the Middle East, the dominant theme in society is the cult of winning and dominating our “enemies.” I can’t be a party to that, a stance which relegates me as an isolated intellectual hermit and a bore. The only thing I really care about now is finding ways to support the fair treatment of the less fortunate among us. That has been a steadfast characterization of most of my family since the 1920s.

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