Chart Of The Day: Making (World) History

What can we say but…


‘Clearly, Investors Are Feeling Good’: Here’s The ‘Euphoria’ Chart Again

Low vol., “humans” cited.

Reservoir Dogs.

“He’s just gonna decide – out of the blue! – to rip us off?”

Dear America: Here’s What Egregious Wealth And Income Inequality Looks Like

Any questions?

‘What Goes Up’: Everything.

And you know what they say about “what goes up”…

The Bernie Madoff Market

I don’t know about you, but “I think something is wrong here”…

‘Just Stop It’: Frantic Search For New Narrative Ensues As 2018 Trading Kicks Off

I’m not entirely sure what everyone expected. If 2018 were a person, it would probably be thinking something along the lines of this: “well shit, give me at least 48 hours to get my feet wet before you start accusing me of being a cheap knock-off of my predecessor.” 

How Long Can This Last? Survey Says…

We’re in the “sweet spot” – it’s “Goldilocks”- it’s “have your synchronized global growth cake and eat your ongoing central bank accommodation too.” 

‘Fuggedaboutit’: Bill Gross Says ‘This Market Is Fake’


‘Little Wonder!’ Here’s The ‘Bad News’ About Earnings

“Outside of a crisis, changes in share prices and earnings highly correlate, and no more so than today.”

‘These Go To 11’: SocGen ‘Goes There’

“This is the second longest stretch of consecutive gains for the MSCI World since its formation in 1969.”

Euphoria (‘Cough – Don’t Do It’)

It’s kind of like going to a wedding reception and telling one of the newlyweds that the person they just married is a pathological liar or that getting married was a terrible idea in general.

One Strategist Says US Stocks Are ‘Most Expensivest Sh*t’ On The Planet

“If you’re used to eating chicken that costs $5/kg, it’s only natural to look for alternatives if the price rises to $10/kg. The problem is that if beef and pork rise from $10/kg to $50/kg, chicken still looks like the best value.”

The Dog Days: July In Charts

The dog days are here…

‘It’s So Easy!’: 9 Straight Months Of Gains For Global Stocks

Grab a 2-liter and a bag of Bugles…