"They know about the stretched valuations and everything that must go right to keep stocks aloft," read the first line of a piece featured on Bloomberg Saturday. "They" is supposed to refer to investors, large and small and everywhere in-between. While I certainly don't purport to speak for each and every investor on the planet, I know that generally speaking, "investors," as a group, cannot usually be described as keen observers whose decision calculus everywhere and always involves assessin

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5 thoughts on “‘They’

  1. Life is so much like a Seinfeld episode.
    Pre pandemic valuations were laughable. ReRatings were all the talk about bonds. Valuations were fair to multiples for a moment in March. Even perma bears are buying with their noses pinched.
    “Risk is very risky” I have nieces also and tell them that to start and go from there. What do I tell them. I guess I should tell them to buy a shoeshine kit also when they open their Robinhood account.

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  2. A great correction would involve higher long term rates due to a stronger economy with a flat stock market and p.e. compression, because earnings were much better. That would be positive for all around…

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