Leaving Washington

What a week it was. US equities fell Friday, amid dour retail sales and doubts about how quickly Congress will move to pass Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion stimulus proposal, unveiled on Thursday evening. Between slowing consumption and clear signs that the labor market is decelerating, the case for stimulus scarcely needs making. But a bitter partisan divide and recrimination following the riots on Capitol Hill and the second impeachment of Donald Trump could complicate Biden's efforts at bipartisa

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4 thoughts on “Leaving Washington

  1. “This is not about economics, although that may be difficult to understand for economists,” Marey added, noting that “Americans are living in two different worlds….”

    He’s right. For Trump, his enablers in Congress, and too many of Trump’s supporters — including the hundreds sporting or carrying the Confederate battle flag during the Jan. 6 race riot at the Capitol — it’s about white surpremamcy.

  2. A crying clown. The caption art looks like a creation akin a piece from the Los Angeles-based artist Paul McCarthy. A key difference informing me that this is not a McCarthy is that Mr. McCarthy would have used more blood, and some other materials, in good taste.

    This is perhaps the best caption art since I’ve been a subscriber. Perhaps the best piece in the portfolio to this point. Well done.

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