Tragedy, Triumph, And ‘Patriots’

Tragedy, Triumph, And ‘Patriots’

It's appropriate, in a macabre kind of way, that news of Netflix passing the 200 million subscriber milestone came on a day when the US logged fatality number 400,000 from COVID-19. After all, Netflix was a beneficiary of the stay-at-home trade. Indeed, the company epitomizes staying at home. It's synonymous with two things, and while both of which can happen anywhere, they're typically associated with living rooms and bedrooms. One of those two things is irrelevant for our purposes, and the ot
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7 thoughts on “Tragedy, Triumph, And ‘Patriots’

  1. The name Patriots would be an instant hit. However like stop the steal, make America great again, it would be anything but patriotic. Republican platform requires masses to believe lies. So what’s the difference if everything is openly based on a lie. Trump may not be successful at promoting himself to greatness, but he’s proven quite capable of destroying the Republican party. It seems he can run anything into the ground.

    1. I don’t know. Call me a raging optimist. If I were a trained analyst on such matters, of which I am not, I would consider these white (is that upper or lower case?) nationalist and patriots-only groups easy to infiltrate. In fact, I’d suggest that they are already infiltrated. Heck, if by 2028 we hear that one of the leaders of one of the most vocal hate groups was lead by an informant all along, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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