‘Act Big’ (Tequila In The Blender)

‘Act Big’ (Tequila In The Blender)

Janet Yellen had no trouble with her confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday.  I imagine once you've shouldered the burden of the entire global financial system while simultaneously engineering a short vol bubble in the face of a populist uprising across nearly all major western economies, a Zoom chat with a handful of lawmakers who came in woefully short on reasons not to confirm you, is a veritable walk in the park. At the risk of overstating the case (or perhaps "at the risk of statin
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4 thoughts on “‘Act Big’ (Tequila In The Blender)

  1. H…….this always reminds me of what Kevin Muir said or was quoted as having said … ‘I am not here to tell you what should be but what will be’…I really believe that is the case !!!!

  2. If it walks like MMT and quacks like MMT but you call it something else, it is still MMT. How do you know that Yellen isn’t perfectly aware that it is MMT but has to call it “Some day, over the rainbow, the deficit will be repaid”?

  3. I am definitely happy to have a Treasury Secretary with not just a lot of related experience, but as past chairman of the Fed.
    The US, with time and the retirement of the over 80 crowd from Congress, should get more comfortable with equity issuance (MMT) over debt issuance (not to the Treasury) to fund the present and the future of the USA.
    Hopefully, Congress spends wisely.

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