As Yellen Takes Treasury Reins, Dollar Bears Emboldened

Janet Yellen isn't going to pursue a weak dollar policy. Or at least that's what she'll tell lawmakers this week as she prepares to take the reins at Treasury. "The value of the US dollar and other currencies should be determined by markets," Yellen will say, according to officials who spoke to The Wall Street Journal, for a piece that was widely cited ahead of Yellen's confirmation hearing. "Markets adjust to reflect variations in economic performance and generally facilitate adjustments in th

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One thought on “As Yellen Takes Treasury Reins, Dollar Bears Emboldened

  1. Seems to be entirely within a reasonable expectation that we could see a rise in the USD from current levels. Just throwing empty peanut shells on the floor here; but, I wouldn’t be surprised if in April we are squirming about the dollar being “too strong.” First things first…let’s get through the inauguration.

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