Mutants And iCars

Mutants And iCars

US equities managed to pare losses Monday, rebounding from fairly steep declines catalyzed by renewed pandemic jitters. Boris Johnson's weekend warning about a highly virulent, "mutant" strain of COVID-19 prompted a wave of travel restrictions and raised the specter of a Christmas "food crisis" in the UK. Those are the kinds of headlines with the potential to derail an otherwise ebullient market, and indeed European equities suffered, falling the most since October. Losses were contained st
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4 thoughts on “Mutants And iCars

  1. One of the reasons messenger RNA technology has been so heavily anticipated in recent years is its adaptability, both to new viruses in general, but also to mutations when they occur. Fearing mutations is a logical reaction, but it’s a surmountable problem. The inability and/or unwillingness of Congress and the executive branch to actually govern effectively — that is where our fears should be placed.

  2. So, presumedly, we did learn at least one thing from the earlier release of this plague in January through March. And, that is that air traffic from countries with an outbreak is to be limited very early and limitations are to stay in place until the problem is remediated or risks return to pre-mutation state.

    In this instance, until there is a high level of confidence within the scientific community regarding the understanding of this mutation, there aren’t going to be any inbound flights into the US from the UK, right? Right?

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