A ‘Dark And Bumpy’ Road

A ‘Dark And Bumpy’ Road

The situation in the UK remained fraught Tuesday, as Boris Johnson struggled to strike a Brexit bargain after the EU rejected a compromise proposal on fishing rights. There were just nine days remaining to strike a divorce deal. An agreement didn't seem imminent, but things could change with one headline. Admittedly, this is not my area of expertise, but the amount of money at stake in the fisheries debate is apparently just $40 million annually, according to Bloomberg. So, this isn't about mo
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9 thoughts on “A ‘Dark And Bumpy’ Road

    1. Meant to say that it cannot be said at this time that this is a new “strain”. It is a mutation but viruses mutate all the time. The question is whether this mutation makes a difference in transmission in humans and for now there is insufficient evidence to answer this.

  1. The world’s peoples are like swimmers at ocean beaches (like the south shore of Long Island outside New York) where waves unimpeded since Africa can catch bathers in their turbulence, terrorizing the uninitiated and changing their relationship to the seaside. This is a gentle parallel to the plagues that killed high percentages of humanity as the waves travelled on human contact between Asia and Europe for example (or with the Roman legions) and from Europe to the ‘new’ world in the 1500-1700 period. We could be just beginning this 100 year plus biological adaptation to the new threats from caves in Asia, mountain redoubts in Africa, and prairie holes in North America as we humans step into everything, learning while doing (and screwing things up) into the 24th century. Some of the worst ‘plagues’ reside in the most advanced hospitals as super-viruses look for dancing partners to give them legs to get out of the isolation we use, as a primitive defense

    Problem is that this new ‘variant’ although sounding simple will have a non-straight line quadratic impact on disruption and deaths as our new systems break down with overloads in ICUs etc. Bill Gates is right, as the world needs protection everywhere (and most are not allowed to die like the American Indians), but no one will be beyond these threats either until bio-tech has made healthcare like it has always been dreamed on the Enterprise several centuries from now.

  2. A cynic might say that Boris is attempting to maximize the disruption from this new virus strain, in order to distract and/or demonstrate why it is necessary to climb down on so many of the red-lines he will need to in the Brexit negotiations. I am not sure it will be enough – the hardcore Brexiters are as reasonable as the hardcore Trump base.

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