Come one, come all.


Bears Crying Wolf And China As Machiavelli (Revisited)

“When asked their worst trades this year, they mostly cited buying volatility, credit protection, or equity puts.”

Risks Aplenty.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

No Market Is An Island.

Best of luck in Q4 and here’s hoping there’s a Q1 2018.

False Start.

15 yards…

Here’s What’s Really Going On: ‘A Machiavellian Read’

“One school of thought is that they have played their cards exceptionally well this year in the FX market.”

What, No Nukes?

There’s always tomorrow.

‘Tell That To Rain Man’

“Either way, you gotta be super smart to run a country and sell vol. buddy, okay? It’s not easy.”

One Chart Suggests S&P Just Did China Bulls A ‘Bigly’ Favor

The point: Beijing is already predisposed to intervening in markets to offset any turmoil a sovereign downgrade might catalyze and you can bet that predisposition is stronger than ever ahead of the Party Congress.


This time last week, everyone thought we’d all seen our last Friday.

Let’s Not All Panic About The Slowest Pace Of FAI This Century In China, Ok?

That’s cause for concern. Given that the country is the engine of global growth and trade, you don’t want to see the brakes slammed on. That said…

Make Risk Great Again.

Now stay tuned to find out if Kim bought some VXX today on the cheap so he can fire off an ICBM this evening and make a few million to put towards his next H-bomb.

Yuan Tumbles As PBoC Gambit Puts The Brakes On – At Least For Today

I’m not sure it will ultimately be enough to get the job done, all things considered, but the PBoC’s decision to effectively remove a barrier to speculation against the yuan (that’s a crude way to describe it, but it gets the point across) by cutting a reserve requirement put in place in the days following the devaluation in 2015 seems to have succeeded in putting the brakes on the rally – if only for a day.

Wipeout: Dollar Crashes Across The Board

Dear lord: the pressure on the dollar is unrelenting.

It looks like no one wants to be the idiot that’s long USD headed into a weekend that could see a catastrophic hurricane strike on Florida and another ICBM launch for North Korea. 

Yuan Heads For Best Week In More Than A Decade As China Trade Data Is Resilient

“The extremely bearish USD sentiment spilled over to the yuan market, and fixing failed to cool down bullish sentiment,” Ken Cheung, a senior currency strategist at Mizuho Bank in Hong Kong notes, adding that “heading to the weekend, risk-off sentiment due to the foundation day of North Korea also raised safe-haven demand for the yuan.”