Go Long.

And it’s only Monday.


Trump Wakes Up, Screams At Russia, China For ‘Playing Unacceptable Devaluation Games!’

“Not acceptable!”

‘Had He Acted Like Trump Markets Would Have Been Upset’: Xi Tries To Put Out Trump’s Dumpster Fire

“It’s a good thing Xi is bringing this tone to it because markets would be very upset if he played it like Trump.”

Bad Moon Rising.

Can you feel the tension?

‘Things Could Look Like 2015 Again’: China Said To ‘Study’ Yuan Devaluation To Counter Trump

“There are no good options”.

War And (No) Peace: Full Week Ahead Preview

Say your prayers.

$100 Billion Dollars!


Going Nuclear? Goldman Warns China May Soon Be Forced To Depreciate Currency, Sell Treasurys

“…there are simply not enough US exports to retaliate against.”

‘Say Hello To My Little Friend!’ Global Markets In Turmoil As China Strikes Back At Trump Tariffs

“You wanna play rough?!”

‘Let’s Get Out And Take A Breather’: A Look Across Asian Markets At Quarter End

“…we need some market stability at this point and hopefully we get to some calmer waters.”

‘All Bets Are Off’: Bloodbath In China, Hong Kong As Trade War Spirals

But hey, at least it’s Friday, right? 

High Note.

And so the holiday-shortened week comes to a close and it delivered everything that could have been reasonably expected of it.

Yeah, So China’s Yuan Just Plunged The Most Since The Devaluation

Ok, well the yuan plunged overnight.

Davos Man.

Well, that didn’t disappoint.

The Gun’s Not Loaded!

“Stirred, in a half-carafe.”