We Should Have Just Ordered Chinese.

We Should Have Just Ordered Chinese.

US equity futures were sharply lower Thursday, pointing to yet another manic session, as underlying market dynamics conspire with coronavirus headlines to create a volatile tape. Infections are approaching 100,000 globally, and while the situation in South Korea is showing signs of slowly stabilizing, Iran is in dire straits. Schools and universities have been closed through March 20 as the health ministry reported an additional 591 cases, bringing the total in the country to 3,513. Japan step
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2 thoughts on “We Should Have Just Ordered Chinese.

  1. They should know better, maybe they are finally doubting the possible affect. I have know doubt about the resolve of the regime to take scheme up some way to take advantage of the situation. Hell Bush was not an autocrat, and look at the real result of his resolve to invade Iraq (stimulate the economy, get re-elected). Are western money managers doubting the resolve or wanting to finally dig in their heels perhaps let go of the rope as they approach the rim and the badlands that lie below.

  2. Exhibit A on the power of Central Banks.
    H, you write a lot about the different tools that are at the disposal of a central bank, but I am unsure what those are exactly other than adjusting the fund lending rates. What are the limits on what a central bank can do–or at least, what the Fed can do? Can it, for example, simply purchase equities to prop up the market? I had read once that the Bank of Japan created its own index or mutual funds, which it owns 100% of, to prop up the market there, which may or may not be true. Is this something the Fed is permitted to do? Does it do it? Can we expect this to happen the more this crisis continues?

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