Bloodbath In China: Overnight Stock Collapse Blamed On Bond Fears, Liquor

“…this is very bad news for the stock market.”


Chinese Shares Soar As Tencent Passes Facebook

If U.S. shares needed an excuse to rally, they’ve got it.

Bloodbath: Global Stocks Dive In Tandem

Buckle up.

There’s A Bond Selloff Afoot In China, Dammit.

“We are bearish.”

Who’s Afraid Of The ‘Dandong’? ‘The Real Market Is Coming Out’ In China

Some folks are defaulting.

‘Sentiment Is Only Getting Worse’: Bond Selloff, Liquidity Concerns Hit China As Stocks Dive

“No one should bottom fish before a clear floor appears.”

A Dark Side Stab On China’s Minsky Moment

“China is the tail that wags the dog. Full stop. Figure out China, and all the other financial market forecasts become that much easier.”

Xi Jinping Is Going To Run China Forever, So Get Onboard Or Get Run The Hell Over, And He Doesn’t Care Which

One man to rule them all.

El-Erian: China’s ‘Minsky Moment’ Will Be Different

“…the Minsky threat of a financial crisis per se is lower than the risk of generalized downward pressures on economic growth should the policy effort falter.”

Whatever You Do, Don’t Say ‘Minsky Moment’: Zhou Xiaochuan Makes The One Mistake You Can’t Make

“If we’re too optimistic when things go smoothly, tensions build up, which could lead to a sharp correction, what we call a Minsky Moment.”

‘It’s Too Quiet’: Markets Calm After Xi Lays Out China’s Friendly World Domination Plans

“…as for this morning’ ‘it’s quiet, too quiet’ is the only quote that comes to mind.”

Deleveraging? Who Said That? China Credit Growth Booms Ahead Of Party Congress

Again, it’s the spinning plates. 

One Trader Reminds You What ‘The Real Driver Of Markets’ Is

“In all my years trading, I can’t recall a non-summer or non-holiday period that has been as boring as the past couple of weeks. I mean, B-O-R-I-N-G.”

Risks Aplenty.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Who’s Ready To Send Chinese Stocks Screaming Higher?!

That said, being aware is infinitely better than being oblivious.