When China Catches Cold…

The spillovers will be “tremendous.”


China Incredulous At Trump’s Tech Threat: ‘He’s Acting Like A Bully, Is America Really That Fragile?’

“U.S. is asking China to open its markets but creates obstacles for China, contravening principles of equality, fairness and reciprocity.”

Here’s What Happens Next In The Trump-China Trade War, According To Goldman

It’s more likely than not that Trump takes it up another notch, so be prepared.

China Bails Out Flagging Stock Market As Bonds Stage Enormous Rally After RRR Cut

3,000 is your number, apparently.

Here’s What You Need To Know About China’s RRR Cut


From GDP To Cars & Planes To Sorghum Duties, China Smothers World With News

China is going to hit you with so much news that you’ll have a difficult time crafting a consistent narrative and who knows, maybe that’s the point.

Chinese Stocks Fall As Hong Kong Warns ‘Rising Rates Are Unavoidable’

“We must carefully consider whether we can cope with the increase in interest expense on loans, and we must also pay attention to the increase in interest rates to asset prices.”

China Has A Trade Deficit! #SAD

I guess it’s time for Xi to make some red trucker hats – #Make China Great Again!

‘Had He Acted Like Trump Markets Would Have Been Upset’: Xi Tries To Put Out Trump’s Dumpster Fire

“It’s a good thing Xi is bringing this tone to it because markets would be very upset if he played it like Trump.”

‘Things Could Look Like 2015 Again’: China Said To ‘Study’ Yuan Devaluation To Counter Trump

“There are no good options”.

Trader: Probably Not Best To Unwind 30 Years Of Chinese Trade Policy With 1 Month Of Tweets

“So, if we assume that Trump wants to reverse this process, then what’s the logical outcome?”

Going Nuclear? Goldman Warns China May Soon Be Forced To Depreciate Currency, Sell Treasurys

“…there are simply not enough US exports to retaliate against.”

As Trump Lashes Out At ‘Unfair’ WTO, Here’s What One Expert Says

He’s right and wrong. But mostly wrong.

China: We’ll Take ‘Immediate, Intense’ Action If U.S. Publishes New Tariff List

An “immediate, intense” fucking.

Is This The Chart Trump Is Looking At When It Comes To ‘Winning’ A Trade War With China?

“Let’s run through the numbers”.