A Furious Trump Demands Someone Find Him Another $200 Billion Worth Of Chinese Goods To Tax And Yes, I’m Serious

This is real. This is really happening.


‘Blow For Blow’: U.S.-China Trade Spat Devolves Into Name-Calling As Chocolate Cake Diplomacy Faces Biggest Test Yet


We’re Gonna Need More Chocolate Cake: Trump Touts ‘Great Friendship’ With Xi In Official China Tariff Announcement

“Great friendship”.

‘Trump Mad, Trump Smash’: It’s Back To April As U.S. Seen Targeting Another $100 Billion Of Chinese Goods In ‘Second Wave’

Because “fuck ’em”, that’s why!

Trump Approves Tariffs On $50 Billion In Chinese Goods, Escalating Trade War

Now wait for the imminent retaliation from Beijing.

China Suddenly Not So Trigger-Happy When It Comes To Calling The Fed

The prospect of punishing tariffs isn’t helping matters.

‘China Could Be A Little Bit Upset’: Trump Ready To Slap Xi With Tariffs As Soon As Friday

“They understand what we are doing.”

China Is Going To Try One More Time To Pacify Donald Trump On Trade Before Things Get Ugly, Ok?

One certainly imagines this is going to be too little, too late given Trump’s recent penchant for escalating any and all conflicts whether related to trade or domestic politics, but for whatever it’s worth…

Ray Dalio ‘Wishes’ You Understood China Like He Does, But Barring That, He’s Willing To Patiently Educate You

“They don’t understand.”

As China Slashes Car Tariffs, Rumors Fly: Did Trump ‘Cave’ Or Is Good News Just Good News?

“Trump changed the dynamic regarding China but in one weekend Secretary Mnuchin has given it away” — local moron.

Steve Mnuchin Calls Off Trade War With China That Trump Said America Wasn’t In

Is it a “trade war” or isn’t it a “trade war”?

That Was … Easy (?) China Agrees To ‘Significantly Increase’ Buying Of U.S. Goods: Joint Statement

“Easy to win”?

China Offers Trump $200 Billion Trade Deficit Cut – But Does Trump Really Want A Deal?

Deal or no deal?

‘Be Cool’ ‘Murika, Trump Needs To Make China ‘Great Again’ For A Minute Then He’ll Get Back To You

“President America First will be … Making China Great Again! Just as he promised the forgotten men and women in Real Murika on the campaign trail.”

‘Continued Hard Work Is Required’: China, U.S. Agree To Disagree At Trade Summit And I’m Not Sure That Counts As ‘Winning’

“…other issues remain relatively big.”