‘Oh The Humanity’: This Was A Dark, Dark Week For Stocks In China, Hong Kong

Good lord. Hide the women and children.


Yeah, So China’s Yuan Just Plunged The Most Since The Devaluation

Ok, well the yuan plunged overnight.

Black Tuesday: The Asian Stock Rout In Pictures


China Stocks Routed: ‘Investors Are Spooked’

Call in the national team.

In Asia: A Sea Of Red On Tuesday

The screens are red. Might need to reboot.

The Fate Of King Dollar In Global Reserves

So yeah, people are talking about reserve diversification. 

Are You Paying Attention To Hong Kong? Because I’m Paying Attention To Hong Kong

H-shares: best week in 18 months.

More Records Smashed In Hong Kong As China Data Emboldens Bulls

It’s just one right after another, day after day after day.

Yuan-na Bet? Germany, France Add Chinese Yuan To Currency Reserves

Celebrate “diversity”.

‘I’m Smart.’

“Not like everybody says.”

Morgan Stanley Says Bonds Are Not In A Bear Market – No Word On ‘Men’

“You can go about your business. Move along.”

‘Spotlight On The Euro As A Reserve Currency’: Is This The Most Important Takeaway From The ‘Fake’ China Treasury News?

“… the EUR as a reserve currency appears to be an increasingly attractive long-term proposition.”

Chinese Checkers.

Headlines aplenty.

‘If Someone Powerful Wanted To Push The VIX Up’: Is This Why China Is ‘Halting’ U.S. Treasury Purchases?

“…if a powerful party wants to roil the equity market, and push the VIX up, one of the best routes is via Treasury bond vol.”

Trader: There Are Better Places To Sell

“I don’t know if they are trying to show Trump who is boss ahead of trade talks, or if there is some other game theory tactic at work. Either way, be careful assuming this is some market shift China announced ahead of time out of the goodness of their hearts.”