As Trump Lashes Out At ‘Unfair’ WTO, Here’s What One Expert Says

He’s right and wrong. But mostly wrong.


China: We’ll Take ‘Immediate, Intense’ Action If U.S. Publishes New Tariff List

An “immediate, intense” fucking.

Is This The Chart Trump Is Looking At When It Comes To ‘Winning’ A Trade War With China?

“Let’s run through the numbers”.

Trump Flips Out, Orders USTR To Consider Another $100 Billion In Tariffs On China

Trump’s not done.

China: Trump Is ‘Blind Man Riding In A Hummer’ But Our ‘Sword Will Have The Final Victory’

“China officially launched its sword in less than 24 hours.”

David Stockman: ‘This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Trade War’

“But, alas, the ‘foolish or incompetent people’ skewered in the Donald’s 7:22 AM tweet are not some defunct Commerce Department or USTR officials from bygone times.”

Release The Soybean Tariff Kraken!

This is a real kick in the balls for Trump – and possibly for Chinese consumers, depending on how it pans out.

‘Say Hello To My Little Friend!’ Global Markets In Turmoil As China Strikes Back At Trump Tariffs

“You wanna play rough?!”

Asia Rally Dies As China’s Tariffs On U.S. Imports Take Effect – All Eyes On Trump

April (and Q2) got off to a less than inspiring start on Monday as an early Asian rally shriveled up and died on the vine as the market tries to figure out how to digest myriad uncertainties around the burgeoning trade spat between Washington and Beijing.

‘Let’s Get Out And Take A Breather’: A Look Across Asian Markets At Quarter End

“…we need some market stability at this point and hopefully we get to some calmer waters.”

Tech Rout Goes Global, Sinks Hong Kong Shares In Wednesday Bloodbath

The robot carnage on Wall Street predictably spilled over into Asian markets on Wednesday.

‘All Bets Are Off’: Bloodbath In China, Hong Kong As Trade War Spirals

But hey, at least it’s Friday, right? 

Trump Slaps $50 Billion In Tariffs On China, Escalates Trade War


Here’s What China Will Do Under ‘Trade War Light’ And ‘Trade War Heavy’

Don’t poke that dragon.

Nauseous Markets.

Well this is shaping up to be a sour day in terms of risk sentiment.