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Oracle Said To Win TikTok Bidding War As Microsoft Rejected, Algo In Question

Just 48 hours after reports indicated that Beijing would prefer ByteDance simply shut down TikTok in the US rather than sell the wildly popular video app to an American company, sources said the Trump administration was informed that TikTok's algorithm is not for sale. Late last month, in what amounted to an eleventh hour intervention by Xi Jinping, China revised a list of products subject to export controls, effectively asserting Beijing's right to veto the deal, which Donald Trump insists must be completed by the middle of this month. The new restrictions put in place by China’s Ministry of Commerce in August were seemingly designed to prevent TikTok's artificial intelligence technology, including algorithms that parse data in order to produce tailored recommendations, from becoming the property of a US corporation. On Friday, Reuters said Beijing was prepared to cite those restrictions in delaying a deal. Read more: Xi Jinping Loses Patience. Said To Prefer TikTok Shut Down In US Fast forward to Sunday, and The South China Morning Post said ByteDance "will not sell or transfer the algorithm behind [TikTok] in any sale or divestment deal". That's according to a source with
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3 comments on “Oracle Said To Win TikTok Bidding War As Microsoft Rejected, Algo In Question

  1. Sheldan says:

    Splish-splash: Tik-Tok’s takin’ a bath.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, don’t discount Trump’s simple vindictiveness in all this.

  3. Funny. I thought the nations primary security concern was Trump.

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