China Has Seen Enough Yuan Strength, Apparently

China Has Seen Enough Yuan Strength, Apparently

Beijing has apparently seen enough yuan appreciation for the time being. Just hours after Guan Tao, a former forex regulator and a member of the SAFE-sponsored China Foreign Exchange Committee, posted an article to his WeChat account commenting on what he described as "self-reinforcing, self-fulfilling" market behavior driving gains in the currency, Reuters said the PBoC is suspending the counter-cyclical adjustment factor. Since May, the yuan has appreciated some 7% and is coming off one of i
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One thought on “China Has Seen Enough Yuan Strength, Apparently

  1. I expect that China doesn’t want to weaken yuan or provide stimulus until its clear the amateur is going, gone. Earliest would Sunday night?

    Exercising their sovereign right to use their currency to affect policy.

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