Eating Out In Germany & Drinking Water On The Moon

Eating Out In Germany & Drinking Water On The Moon

Lockdown worries continued to plague market psychology Tuesday, or at least as it relates to western nations, which are running short on options for containing an aggressive second wave of COVID-19. European officials aren't particularly keen on following the Donald Trump template, which essentially entails just pretending the virus doesn't exist, even after you, and nearly everyone around you, becomes infected. "COVID-19 has changed almost everything," German Economic Minister Peter Altmaier r
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4 thoughts on “Eating Out In Germany & Drinking Water On The Moon

  1. Hopefully, the EU will realize this is a key moment in its history and a chance to get Germany to commit to pan-European budget/fiscal activity.

    Failure to do so may be more mortal to the EU project than Grexit or Brexit ever were…

  2. It’s a great point, fredm. The Euro has only survived to this point through a collective disregard for the project’s unsustainabilty in its current form. The pandemic may well be the can that can’t be kicked down the road.

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