‘Patriots’ Only

‘Patriots’ Only

There's "no need for sudden shifts" in economic policy this year, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said, at the closing of the The National People’s Congress. China, he went on to remark, is "obviously optimistic about the economy," but officials in Beijing are also "realistic." Contrary to media reports, the country's target for growth (above 6%) is "not low." He's right. It's not "low." It's just lower than consensus, and suggested, to some anyway, that China is either concerned about the outloo
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6 thoughts on “‘Patriots’ Only

  1. Xi Jinping is only 67 years old and therefore, could easily have another 20 years in office.
    It is quite frightening to think about what could happen in the South and East China Seas, including Taiwan. After that is firmly under Xi’s control what will be next?
    Taking control over international waters- which are not only important for shipping but very rich in minerals- while the rest of the world (playing by a different set of rules), basically stands by and does nothing.

  2. US is hypocritical of others when every red state is trying to reduce voting rights of people of color. Trump and now Biden condone murder by a Saudi prince. Hong Kong was taken from the Chinese so England could have a port to continue selling opium to the Chinese.

    1. Yes, Western powers are frequently hypocritical with a history of racism and imperialism.

      Should that excuse the Chinese government’s power play in Hong Kong (breaking the agreement they signed about the former colony’s status)? Or their human rights abuses against the Uyghur minority?

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