Stimulus Hits With Jobless Claims Near Pandemic Lows

Stimulus Hits With Jobless Claims Near Pandemic Lows

712,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week, slightly less than the market expected. Economists were looking for 725,000. The previous week was revised higher by 9,000. Take note: 712,000 is (basically) tied for the lowest weekly print of the pandemic era. That, as Joe Biden's relief plan is over the finish line, with stimulus checks poised to start hitting bank accounts within days. The legislation extended the $300 per week federal unemployment supplement through September.
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2 thoughts on “Stimulus Hits With Jobless Claims Near Pandemic Lows

  1. Oh but don’t worry for those Republican elites. They’ll be voted in again, faithfully, by the R voters who presently like the D relief bill but will forget all about it because of Dr. Seuss (someone pointed out, interestingly, that Fox News did not actually display the images that convinced the author’s estate to drop 6 books out of whatever. And the reason is likely that even Fox viewers would realise those images are offensive…)

  2. LOL, there was already one R Senator – I forget which one, but it was all over Twitter last night – bragging about how much the $ would be helping his constituents. Hence Biden moving the signing to today instead of Friday, so he could do a national address tonight and claim proper credit.

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