‘Can It Continue? Yes.’ Asian Stocks Push To Records As Hang Seng Dusts 30,000

Fade it? Not yet.


What Global Selloff?

“…the nagging fear that the boy who cried wolf was only telling the truth when everyone had learnt to ignore him.”

Bloodbath: Global Stocks Dive In Tandem

Buckle up.

Check Back Tomorrow.

Thursday is now the “big day.”

Sonny Black.


‘They Wanted To Kill The Bulls’: Analysts Scramble To Explain Sudden Crash In Hong Kong

So what accounts for that? Well, no one knows exactly. “Some bearish investors were looking for excuses to ‘kill the bulls.'”

‘Traders Are Rushing For The Exit’: Hong Shares Collapse Most Since November

“Traders are rushing for the exit and trading volumes on the Hang Seng are more than 80% above their 30-day average.”

Taiwan Turmoil: Billions In Government Intervention Fails To Arrest Stock Slide

We’re not out of the woods just yet.