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Beginning Of ‘The End’ For Hong Kong Sparks Massive Rout In Preview Of Coming Showdown

This is the end, my only friend, the end.

This is the end, my only friend, the end.
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9 comments on “Beginning Of ‘The End’ For Hong Kong Sparks Massive Rout In Preview Of Coming Showdown

  1. A Pi says:

    this is surely a Buy signal

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fascist regimes, Depression, treaty violations and abrogations. This year smells like vintage 1936.

  3. joesailboat says:

    Good financial infrastructure to start a Reserve currency

  4. George says:

    Bit by bit when pushed to the limit China resorts to expulsion of existential threats, in this case targeting vestiges of the British Empire as well as toe-holds for Western Culture and areas ripe for seeding dissent on the Mainland…..This will probably be followed by ,at the minimum , increased rhetoric on the ‘one China issue ‘…..
    In context…put the shoe on the other foot and look back at the Cuban crisis of the 60’s.. On the facetious side…doubt you will see publicized layoffs at Langley or British intelligence units… This is all getting real acrimonious and is all tied together in a tight little ball with virtually every other issue we talk about on H report….Geopolitics rules…..!!

  5. John3D says:

    Xi checkmated Trump on Hong Kong, which was a key board piece in slowing Chinese dominance in Asia. Add to this Trump’s pullout from the TPP. From here it looks like Xi is playing chess while Trump, at best, is playing checkers. Maybe that’s why he always seems to be focused on ‘King me’.

  6. So long phase 1, the greatest achievement of Tariff Man. I had been expecting some response by China to the blame game and rhetoric from the Trump administration, wondering why Chinese leadership seemed so willing to take punches that typically originated a punch back during the good old days of the trade war. Now the picture is clearer, the move on HK forces action by the US that will give China the excuse they need to walk away from phase one and take care of the thorn in their eye, the free city of Hong Kong. Feel terrible for the city and its people, it truly is a unique wonderful place, happy I had my chance to spend some good drunken nights in Lan Kwai Fong before the world went to hell.

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