China Mocks America For Violent Protests, Begins Canceling US Farm Imports

Asian shares kicked off the new week with bullish fireworks, led by Hong Kong, where equities surged after Donald Trump's much-ballyhooed Friday press conference turned out to be long on aggressive rhetoric but short on action. Right or wrong, markets interpreted the US president's remarks as entirely devoid of substance (America's exit from WHO notwithstanding). Real estate shares paced gains in Hong Kong, as the Hang Seng jumped 3.4%, while mainland equities rallied more than 2% for the sess

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5 thoughts on “China Mocks America For Violent Protests, Begins Canceling US Farm Imports

  1. Looking at Trump’s performance as a businessman, is it surprising he’s losing his ‘war’ with China. He is, however, doing a great job in destroying America’s reputation as the leader of the free world. Zhao Lijian does make a good point – the old ‘one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. Xi hasn’t yet outright threatened Hong Kong residents with ‘ominous weapons’. Trump isn’t strategic or tactical, just reactive.

  2. Quelling the riots with the heavy-handed use of force will further damage the American polity as well as its reputation around the world.

    Chinese propaganda aside the administration is clearly angling to corner the law and order vote in November. If Republicans manage to hang on to both the Senate and the White House in the coming elections, inequality and instability will become ever more prominent hallmarks of the United States.

  3. The irony of comparing the HK the MN Situation is that

    In the case of HK, the unrest was local to HK, and the China 1st Tier cities ( like Beijing, Shanghai ) never experienced unrest nor policing actions

    In the case of MN, the protests spread quickly to many other US cities bother leading and emerging, on both sides of the coast

    Suffice to say, China wasn’t really mocking Trump, it was pointing out factual hypocrisy via useful chastising

    1. Well, to be fair, protests in Shanghai and Beijing are a non-starter — like the time Wilbur Ross said he was impressed there were no anti-Trump protests in Riyadh. One doesn’t just take to the streets in an outright autocracy. You’d be arrested immediately.

  4. Just a few words from a little woman, ya little heart can’t bear no more, how come? She just she, not China, bickering everyday till the life is end, is that what you want? Be wise.

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