Trump Terminates WHO Relationship, Blasts China For Hong Kong Incursion. Market Hears ‘Blah, Blah’

Donald Trump on Friday terminated America's relationship with the World Health Organization during a hotly-anticipated press conference laying out the case for corrective action against Beijing in connection with a laundry list of grievances. "China's coverup allowed [COVID-19] to spread all over the world", Trump declared, adding that  "Chinese officials ignored their reporting obligations [and] pressured WHO to mislead" the international community. "China has total control over WHO", he asse

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15 thoughts on “Trump Terminates WHO Relationship, Blasts China For Hong Kong Incursion. Market Hears ‘Blah, Blah’

  1. It is not impossible that the ‘ glacial ‘ pace of change is now gonna’ get a proverbial kick in the ass. In the world of Geopolitics this has been known to happen time to time…sometimes expectedly sometimes not..

    1. I don’t live in Taiwan but I’m here right now. This is the usual all bark no bite from the West. Remember all the hoo ha about Taiwan joining WHO? The West talked Taiwan down from pushing for membership

  2. I mean as long as the Fed has unlimited ammunition… what does reality matter? I honestly am not sure it does at least not until major metropolitan areas are in flames… maybe not even then? I really do not know at this point.

  3. “Trump has variously touted the “phase one” agreement as one of the most monumental accomplishments of his presidency, and while he admits to having cooled on it in light of recent events, abandoning it altogether would mean that two years of damaging tit-for-tat escalations were all for nothing.”

    The president always turns on those who have “let him down”. If it becomes obvious that the Trade deal was an abject failure, will Peter Rasputin Navarro be shunted aside? Or will he gain influence by convincing the boss that the deal only failed because “we weren’t tough enough”? What does Jared think? Ivanka?

    This stuff is getting scary.

    1. I would say that it is not at all scary. It was a press conference for his audience at home and Bejing will see it that way. Pulling out of WHO is the only material event and that is not likely to be permanent. Most will see through it as a purely political ploy that it is to make himself look stronger by beating up on WHO.

      I have avoided watching him in action and seeing how he treats people. He was 50 minutes late for a 9.5 minute teleprompter speech. Could have sent it out as a letter instead with the same message, except that he cannot grandstand as easily in a letter.

      I think the only thing that gets Jared’s attention is a commission which he and Ivanka got on the Saudi arms deal to the tune of 10% of a multi-billion dollar deal donated to a charity run by Ivanka. The way this family treats charity they could have as well written a check to Ivanka and cut out the middle man.

  4. What’s odds of
    1. Delisting of Chinese stocks and ADRs from US exchanges
    2. China shutting down/disrupting US companies’ Chinese sales or supply chain
    3. Military conflict with shooting

    I think those will affect the US markets.

    I think anything short of that will be brushed off as something to worry about next year.

  5. Problem is even WHO knew how the Chinese people fight wigh the virus, it has no rights to order Trump to wear a mask. Trump’s problem is that he will always deny the numbers came from China which WHO approved to be true. So basically WHO become the enemy of Trump. Unfortunately, the political attacking has no effect on virus.

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