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End Game Nears In Hong Kong, As China Releases Details Of National Security Plan

"This new law can simply mean anything Beijing wants it to mean".

The details of China's new national security law set to be imposed on Hong Kong were released Saturday. Not surprisingly, they appear to represent a threat to the city's autonomy and could profoundly impact the way the world views life in the bustling financial hub, which was plunged into crisis a year ago. Although the language employed in the explanation of the new law pays lip service to judicial independence and the right of Hong Kong citizens to exercise free speech and protest, the details seem to tell a different story. For example, Hong Kong will be required to establish a new committee, which Xinhua says will "assume the main responsibility for maintaining national security, and accepts the supervision and accountability of the Central People's Government". The committee will be "advised" by Beijing. Additionally, it sounds as though China will set up its own national security apparatus in the city, which will "analyze and judge the situation, provide opinions and suggestions on major strategies and supervise, guide, coordinate, and support the implementation of the maintenance of national security". Further, the central government's national security arm in Hong Ko
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7 comments on “End Game Nears In Hong Kong, As China Releases Details Of National Security Plan

  1. All it cost was a few pounds of soy. We only need 3 senators to have an epiphany. MidWest Senators probably feel handcuffed by the timing. Did Pompeo even have time to come home?

  2. Gosh, we’re talking about judicial independence in the SDNY and Hong Kong at the same time. Now there’s a coincidence.

  3. Just to expand on my previous post. It starts small. Then when no-one reacts, they take the next small step. Then when no-one reacts, they take the next step. Pretty soon, you have an autocrat with no recourse to the courts and many judges (or in your case senators) too scared to uphold your rights.. Disarming your compliance officials who investigated recent activities is one such small step. Good luck with your democracy. It appears to be fading fast.

    • You really have to feel for those living in HK. Nobody is going to help them. They are on their own. Wonder how nervous it makes citizens of Taiwan?

  4. And who is stopping Trump and his gang?? Moscow Mitch??

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