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Trump, Bill Barr Make Most Brazen Move Yet With Late-Night Sacking Of Geoffrey Berman

"Why does a president get rid of his own hand-picked US Attorney less than five months before the election?"

(Updates with Barr response, Berman exit) "Trump then told Recep Tayyip Erdogan he would take care of things, explaining that the Southern District prosecutors were not his people", John Bolton writes, in the former national security adviser's hotly contested memoir that appears poised for release despite the Trump administration's increasingly desperate attempts to keep it from the public ahead of the election. They "were Obama people", Bolton recounts, describing what Trump told the Turkish president about the Southern District (SDNY). That was a "problem" and it would be rectified "when they were replaced by his people", Trump alleged told Erdogan. That particular exchange referenced Erdogan's long-running quest to have the US drop charges against state-owned Halkbank, which was accused of violating US sanctions on Iran. That story is quite the tale, and it has featured heavily in these pages from time to time. The Halkbank case was handled by the Southern District. Erdogan once told Joe Biden that Preet Bharara, then the US attorney for the SDNY was "a Gulenist tool", a reference to Fethullah Gulen, a US-based cleric who Erdogan blames for the failed 2016 coup in his countr
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13 comments on “Trump, Bill Barr Make Most Brazen Move Yet With Late-Night Sacking Of Geoffrey Berman

  1. I wonder if there is an obstruction of justice prosecution in Trump’s post election future.

    • We can hope if we hope recapture the crown of a law abiding country.

      • All the looting is happening in DEM controlled cities.. SMH

        • Let’s keep this on topic. This article is about the SDNY and the history of its involvement in a variety of investigations into allies of the president.

          I do not want to see the comments devolve into a debate about flaming Wendy’s restaurants.

          As regular readers are aware, I ask that comments on articles be directly related to the article itself. The reason I insist on that is so that casual readers (i.e., folks who happen on this site merely because they were searching for information on a specific story), do not scroll down and find themselves subjected to a totally unrelated stream of comments.

          There are more than enough articles on Heisenberg Report where you can weigh in on looting and protests. This post isn’t one of them.

          • I should have been more specific. I was lamenting the sacking of a prosecutor for simply doing his job. I was not intending to reference the looting.

          • I wasn’t responding to anyone in particular — just cutting it off before it goes where it looks like it was going.

  2. One more nail in Mitch McConnell’s coffin. Rick Wilson is right.

  3. My question here is how Trump/Barr can do this. Will they send in armed US Marshalls, make some kind of deal, or just back down? This could be fun to watch, especially if Tulsa turns messy.

  4. A lot of Americans think of people like Patrick Henry and Paul Revere when they think of patriots. I think the people who stand up to Trump and his gang of lowlife cohorts and try to preserve our justice system will be just as deserving of the title.

  5. Berman agreed to step down when it was decided his highly regarded #2, Audrey Strauss, would take over as interim leader.

  6. Maybe what we need is our leaders to act more adult. Seems like they can be bested by an 11 year old.


  7. the way US key appointments are changes are arbitrarily changed in the final months leading up to the US elections…

    smells of rigging and cronyism
    In the eyes of the international community, looks like a dismantling of the integrity of the American system of checks and balances. It is outright worrying

    let’s hope enough Americans exercise their right to vote and nip this in the bud.. because i am not sure there will be any system integrity left if Trump is allowed to serve another 4 years ( which could very plausible end up as 4+4+4+4 in the hands of a skillful authoritarian )

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