Trump, Mnuchin, Barr May Have Iced Halkbank Case At Behest Of Erdogan

With the Trump administration, it's very difficult to determine what's a footnote, and what's worth talking about. That ambiguity stems directly from the administration's penchant for dishonesty, which is on full display in one way or another each and every day. Of particular concern are any and all interactions the president has with other world leaders, including and especially Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has made a habit of exploiting the US president's lack of foreign policy experie

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3 thoughts on “Trump, Mnuchin, Barr May Have Iced Halkbank Case At Behest Of Erdogan

  1. That ‘favor’ didn’t stop Erdogan from buying Russian anti-aircraft defence equiment or invading Syria. He even go a White House Oval Office meeting with Trump. The quid of ‘quid quo pro’ is visible to all;. What’s the secret balancing ‘pro’?

  2. Metaphorically, it’s called “Turkish Delight”. Think of that as the Anatolian equivalent of the Chocolate Cake that Trump loves so much – though don’t expect to get a second scoop of ice-cream…

  3. trump and barr have the magic mobster touch:

    Attorney General William Barr told The Associated Press in an interview published Friday that despite his own initial suspicions about Epstein’s death, he has concluded the suicide was the result of “a perfect storm of screw-ups.”

    Barr told the AP he had personally reviewed security footage that confirmed that no one entered the area where Epstein was being kept on the night he died.

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