‘They Were Keeping The Jews From Leaving’: Tone Deaf Jeff Sessions Explains The Difference Between U.S. Border Policy And Nazi Germany

Tone. Deaf.


A Furious Trump Demands Someone Find Him Another $200 Billion Worth Of Chinese Goods To Tax And Yes, I’m Serious

This is real. This is really happening.

Family Separation? I Never Met Her! Kirstjen Nielsen Is Lying To You.

“And it’s true: there’s no document with the heading “Family Separation for Fun and Profit.” Instead, there’s a “zero tolerance” policy of arresting everyone who crosses the border illegally and charging them with illegal entry, a misdemeanor for first-time offenders.”

Well, He Did It: Trump Directs The Pentagon To Establish ‘Space Force’ ‘Immediately’


‘Blow For Blow’: U.S.-China Trade Spat Devolves Into Name-Calling As Chocolate Cake Diplomacy Faces Biggest Test Yet


Roger Stone Really Wanted To Grab Some Russian Dirt By The Pussy, But He Couldn’t Get There

“The Washington Post reports,Greenberg was offering sexxxxy Russian dirts on Hillary Clinton, which Stone and Caputo were only too happy to grab by the pussy. But they just couldn’t get there!”

Trump Calls For WaPo Employee Strike Which Would ‘Get Rid Of Fake News For An Extended Period Of Time’

And also because he wants them to get paid more. And also register as lobbyists.


Of populism, hegemony and Western democracy.

Trump Attempts To Write Twitter Story About ‘Great Lovers’, Spells ‘Destroy’ Wrong

“I know werdz”.

This Was Bible Study Week In America And Your Teachers Are Jeff Sessions And Sarah Huckabee Sanders

What would Jesus do? Jeff Sessions knows.

Trump Literally Wanders Out Onto White House Lawn To Talk To Fox & Friends, ‘Covfefe’ Ensues

“When Kim speaks, his people stand up at attention, I want my people to do the same.”

We’re Gonna Need More Chocolate Cake: Trump Touts ‘Great Friendship’ With Xi In Official China Tariff Announcement

“Great friendship”.

‘Trump Mad, Trump Smash’: It’s Back To April As U.S. Seen Targeting Another $100 Billion Of Chinese Goods In ‘Second Wave’

Because “fuck ’em”, that’s why!

Trump Approves Tariffs On $50 Billion In Chinese Goods, Escalating Trade War

Now wait for the imminent retaliation from Beijing.

New York Sues Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric Because It Turns Out Their Charity Was An Illegal Personal ‘Checkbook’ (Allegedly)

“…willful self-dealing transactions, and failure to follow basic fiduciary obligations or to implement even elementary corporate formalities required by law.”