Former FBI Agent ‘Invites You To Consider Another Possibility’ On Paul Manafort

“…but that’s because it was happening somewhere else.”


Trump, GOP ‘Phenomenal’ Tax Plan Leaked: Here Are The Details

“Big league?”

Trump Will Fire Mueller – Here’s What Happens After That

“In the scenario outlined above, in which Trump faces, at the very worst, impeachment without removal, he won’t have completely undone the norms, but he will have eroded them. His tenure will have moved the line of the conceivable.”

LeBron James Calls Trump A ‘Bum’, NFL Says President ‘Lacks Respect For The Game’

“Going to the White House was a great honor until you showed up.”

‘Rocket Man’, ‘Sons Of B—-es’, And ‘Sacks Of Drugs’: Trump’s Alabama Rally In Videos

At a certain point, reality becomes so absurd that it eludes attempts to lampoon it. We’ve reached that point.

Trump: Kim Jong-Un Is ‘Obviously A Madman Who I Will Test Like Never Before’

Trump, having learned absolutely nothing, is back at it this morning on Twitter.

Bloomberg Blasts Trump: ‘Don’t Let International Cooperation Ruin A Good Insult’

“Threatening a country with annihilation won’t hearten its neighbors. And undermining the founding principles of an institution your nation did more than any other to establish won’t help it to fulfill its promise.”

‘Axis Of Evil On Steroids’ – Trump’s U.N. Speech

“…he severely undercut the prospects for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, making war that much more likely.”

Mueller Asks White House To Produce Documents On Trump’s Actions As President: NYT

In case it wasn’t clear to you that the walls are closing in on this administration, The New York Times is out reporting that Robert Mueller has now asked the White House to produce documents related to the actions Trump has taken as President.

How Charlottesville Opens (Another) Door For Russia

“…throughout Europe an expanding and persistent link exists between extreme right-wing hate groups and Russia.”

‘Truman Would Have Been Appalled.’

“Just as Trump has never done anything in his life that did not benefit him personally, so he cannot imagine any nation acting for the general good.”

‘He Sounded Like A Mob Boss’: The Reviews Are In On Trump’s U.N. Debut

“Beyond pragmatism, the speech will likely be remembered as one in which the president of the United States sounded more like a mob boss than a statesman—think Robert DeNiro as Al Capone in “The Untouchables” minus the baseball bat.”

Turns Out ‘BLT Steak’ Not Best Place To Discuss High Treason

“He probably doubted that he would have to remind the lawyers for the president to refrain from discussing the most sensitive legal affairs of Mr. Trump over a sidewalk lunch at a local restaurant, and within earshot and snapshot of an audience that included New York Times reporters.”

Trump Blasts ‘Rocket Man’, Iran, Pushes Nationalist Propaganda In Orange-Faced U.N. Rant

We all knew this was going to be bad, but it was orders of magnitude worse than expected no matter what kind of spin anyone tries to put on it.

Bombshell: Paul Manafort Was Wiretapped By FBI Before And After Election

Well, someone’s “wires” were indeed “tapped” (as Trump famously alleged in an ill-fated tweet earlier this year) and that someone was Paul Manafort.