We’re Going To Have To ‘Think About The Unthinkable’ To Save Mueller

“Why are we here? What are we about? What is it that we are defending? . . . I won’t sacrifice that for anyone.”


Let’s Talk About Impeachment …

“Ernest Hemingway advised authors to write one true sentence. Among the truest words describing the Trump presidency were written by Professor Laurence Tribe of the Harvard Law School, in an op-ed in The Washington Post discussing impeachment and obstruction of justice. He wrote that ‘in Nixon’s case, the list of actions that together were deemed to constitute impeachable obstruction reads like a forecast of what Trump would do decades later.'”

Trump, Republicans, And ‘Perverse Miracles’

“On both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, we are witnessing a collapse of the norms of governing, constant violations of our legitimate expectations of political leaders, and the mutation of the normal conflicts of democracy into a form of warfare that demands the opposition’s unconditional surrender.”