Photo Of The Week: “The Omen”

“Come and play with us, Danny”…


Guest Post: Trump In Wonderland

“They are incapable of creating a deception when they need it – the conceptual difference between a deception and a lie seems to elude them — so they lie instead, and when they are called on a lie, they lie more and blame facts, which further undermines their credibility until there is none left. As a result, after less than a month in office, Trump had to declare war on facts and pronounce the press the enemy of the people.”

Storm Clouds Gather As Trump Headline Risk, Terror Attack Battle Econ Data For Market’s Heart

Well, this market’s mettle is being tested. Again. On Monday evening we got what might fairly be described as the worst kind of double-whammy: a WaPo report containing new revelations about Donald Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice in the Russia probe and a terrorist attack that killed 22 people in Manchester. The knee-jerk risk-off move…