Here Is The Democratic Memo That Refutes Devin Nunes

“Christopher Steele’s reporting which he began to share with an FBI agent through the end of October, 2016 played no role in launching the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference and links to the Trump campaign.”


Trump Delivers Wild CPAC Speech, Proclaims Himself Greatest President Of All Time

Well, Donald Trump just delivered what might very fairly be described as one of the most unhinged speeches the public has witnessed since his infamous “sons of bitches”/”rocket man” rant in Huntsville. 

Wilbur Ross To CNBC: I’m Going To ‘Turn The Moon Into A Gas Station’

The only thing that stands between America harvesting space riches from asteroids is Wilbur Ross turning the moon into a gas station. Why didn’t you say so?!

Trump: Need Armed Teachers With ‘Military Training’ For School Gun Battles With ‘Savage Sickos’

Coming soon to a school near you.

Goldman Warns On U.S. Fiscal Policy: ‘We Are Heading Into Uncharted Territory’

“This is an unusual course.”

Someone Forgot To Tell President Stable Genius That ‘Thumbs Up’ Isn’t Appropriate For Post-School Shooting Photo Ops

A heavy diet of “fuck your feelings,” it seems, leads to inappropriate social behavior.

‘Is Nobody Gonna Tell Him?’ MAGA And The Pedal To The Metal Economy


I’m Long Stocks And Short Poor People As A Hedge

Of course this “fundamentals-based” excuse will be couched almost entirely in terms of the assumed sugar high from myopic fiscal stimulus and deficit-funded tax cuts.

‘Aluminum Tubes!’ Trump To Slap World With (More) Tariffs Because ‘Imports Threaten National Security’

“Decimated by dumping”.

Albert Edwards: ‘Trump’’s Grotesquely Ill-Timed Stimulus Will Be Trigger For Market Implosion, Recession’

“…a ruinous fiscal deficit in excess of 15% of GDP will be Trump’s legacy.”

White House: No No No, Trump Was Defending The *Alleged Rapist* Not The *Wife-Beater*!

“Anyway, as of five days later, the president of the United States has wished well the wife-beater, and MAYBE the rapist, and definitely himself, for whom he has much compassion, and not any of the women, if you were keeping count, the end.”

Trump All Set To Worsen Bond Selloff With ‘Bigly’ Budget Boondoggle

He’s apparently going to just go ahead and abandon GOP dogma when it comes to balancing the budget.

Donald Trump Says Treasonous Stocks Are Making ‘Big Mistake’ By Selling Off

The “old days” are gone.

Beware ‘Tweet Risk’: Trump Could Attack Fed As Mnuchin Testifies, Analyst Warns

He could “fire back”.

White House Says Trump ‘Concerned’ About The Stock Market ‘Losing Any Value’

“…to an unusual degree.”