Trump Election Delay Could Force World To Rapidly Re-Evaluate Dollar’s Reserve Status

In a dubious (if wholly predictable) development, Donald Trump on Thursday suggested delaying the US presidential election. For months, the president has insisted that mail-in voting would lead to massive fraud, a largely unsubstantiated claim which prompted Twitter to add what amounted to warning labels to some of Trump's tweets starting in May. "Get the facts about mail-in ballots", the tags read. In a Thursday broadside, Trump suggested that 2020 has the potential to be "the most inaccurate

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30 thoughts on “Trump Election Delay Could Force World To Rapidly Re-Evaluate Dollar’s Reserve Status

  1. I take this to be his opening move on quitting.

    The COVID situation is pretty bad, with over 150,000 dead and currently 1,400 new deaths a day.

    The economic numbers are horrible, and in view of the COVID situation not likely to get better anytime soon. Plus, the Senate Republicans are balking at a new stimulus.

    And to top it all off, his poll numbers are abysmal in all the places that matter:

    – Arizona: Biden 46%, Trump 38% (Redfield & Wilton)
    – Florida: Biden 50%, Trump 46% (Mason Dixon)
    – Florida: Biden 48%, Trump 41% (Redfield & Wilton)
    – Michigan: Biden 49%, Trump 37% (Redfield & Wilton)
    – North Carolina: Biden 43%, Trump 42% (Redfield & Wilton)
    – North Carolina: Trump 48%, Biden 47% (Cardinal Point)
    – Pennsylvania: Biden 50%, Trump 41% (Franklin & Marshall)
    – Pennsylvania: Biden 48%, Trump 41% (Redfield & Wilton)
    – Wisconsin: Biden 45%, Trump 35% (Redfield & Wilton)

    He’s trapped, and he knows it.

    So he floats the idea of delaying the election because mail-in is subject to fraud and cheating. He knows full well Nancy Pelosi won’t support this. And so he’ll quit. He’ll say, “F*ck it, I’m not running in a rigged election.”

    1. You may be correct. He hates to lose. But if he senses this threat will cause a Constitutional crisis, he might hang on through election, because he loves to be the center of drama.

      On November 4th he could look in the mirror, point a finger at his reflection and yell, “You’re fired!”

        1. I’ve seen a curve of how much capacity the post office and mail in ballot system has and basically people need to request ballots in August or a lot of people are not going to get ballots.

    2. I’m expecting him to end up in cuffs when he is no longer in office. This would be for crimes he committed prior to office. I guess he burns the house down then, effectively, turns himself in sooner by quitting. With COVID-19 raging, negative double digit GDP, and dollar debasement continuing unmitigated, we could see the $USD into the upper 80s easy. …good thing none of us are planning European vacations.

      1. good thing none of us are planning European vacations.

        Ha ha…I live in France on U.S. dollars. Tell me about it.

        Fortunately, I stocked up & have at least a one-year supply of relatively cheap euros on hand.

  2. This scenario is symptomatic of a broken Political System…. of which Trump is symbolic……It is pretty obvious that a divided Nation driven by it’s financial interests not it’s self proclaimed legacy is not going to abide by the rules of a true Democracy……This situation traces back to campaign finance reform …, thus the inability of the system to not bring it’s best Candidates into contention for High office…Hope for the best this year because in this issue we are playing for all the chips….Financial and otherwise….

  3. Crickets from Senators who should have immediately condemned the statement from Trump. Drip, drip, drip, of a failed political and financial systems incapable of reform.

    “Der Spiegel,” considered as a characterization of the reaction of Germans to what is happening in America, used the English word “catastrophe” to describe the actions, the relative fall, of America of late. Fitting.

    A delayed election would be an event that would change minds on the reserve status of the USD. I’m in the camp that the USD is not going to lose reserve status in my lifetime. I assign the lose of reserve status in my lifetime a 10-20% probability. I’d move the probability up to 30-40% should this not go off well.

    1. Crickets from Senators who should have immediately condemned the statement from Trump.

      In all fairness, both Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy said no way the election gets postponed.

      On the other hand, John Cornyn said the tweet was a joke…

  4. Media standards dismantled in last 50 years, no longer truth and accuracy in mainstream news.
    Education system decimated in same timeframe resulting with lack of critical thinking among populace.
    Dysfunctional Democratic primary system allowing Red state South Carolina to pick a weak nominee after previous states dismissed him out of hand.
    Last major federal budget surplus in 2000 giving way to contested presidential election where minority power took office, allowed 911 attack, squandered surplus on two unwinnable wars, thereby accelerating the Fall of the American Empire.
    See Dalio for rest.

    Good and proud times…

  5. PS – Trump will fight to countless death of others before quitting or leaving office voluntarily.
    If here were to do so he might as well go straight to New York State AG’s office and turn himself in.

    John Roberts may be key in all this.

    1. I am almost certain that he will happen to have a scheduled meeting in Russia right around the election and if he loses, he never comes back.

  6. both sides play winner take all tooo much. if djt sents such a precedent…what happens when their guy isnt in office and THEY want to delay an election. did we vote during ww2, the civil war? then we can vote during a pandemic

    1. Play to win? Ha, ha. Given your hypothetical, the Dems would mumble something like “they go low, we go high” or “we don’t want to set a precedent” and then do absolutely nothing. Heads should have rolled in 2008. Instead every bad actor in our financial sector was given a pass. It pays to back a winning horse, or in reality, every horse. No consequences when you have the green.

  7. I think the evil lunatic will lose big in the popular vote, but the presidential vote in November is a meaningless beauty pageant, all the noise and hype notwithstanding.. The only vote that matters is the Electoral College. These Electors are chosen in any way dictated by state legislatures, 305 electoral votes being controlled by Republican legislatures.Faithless elector laws can be readily repealed, so the electors of a state could conceivably be drawn from that state’s GOP donor list.
    Expect finagling and chaos.

  8. In his mind Trump believes that if he gets 6-12 months more the vaccine will cure all and the economy will boom a la Kudlow. He will try to delay the election, we may soon have a real constitutional crisis on top of a recession and a pandemic, probably bullish for equities in our bizarro America.

  9. Take into account the procedures of what happens 1/21/21:
    1. The Secret Service withdraws full staff and leaves a lifetime skeleton crew for DJT / Ivanka / Baron (until he’s 21)
    2. Checks are no longer issued to support staff of the Presidential Office in service of DJT
    3. Planes / Helicopters / Cars are no longer assigned to DJT
    4. Cabinet members and staff are dismissed from duty and the pay is curtailed
    5. Personal attendants for the family are dismissed
    6. The moving vans start showing up with the Biden’s personal belongings

    DJT and lawyers might start a ruckus, but it won’t be from the White House.
    Electoral college shenanigans? – not if the Reps want to be relgated to Whig status.

    Most of the USA and the world will be yucking it up over the New DJT sideshow.

    1. These events only occur if something insane doesn’t happen prior… the collective worry is that insane things will happen because insane things are happening daily.

  10. Nothing about any of this is a joke nor will it be fun by any stretch of the imagination. But sadly, the US is. If this transition does not go well the US will lose what little is left of its claim on world leadership. China is licking its lips (Germany and Japan, too). We have spent the last three and a half years blowing it, finishing ourselves off with this ridiculous parade of idiocy over COVID. Look at us arguing about masks — remember the old saying, “Better safe than sorry?” And there’s us trying to finish off the NHL, NBA, and MLB seasons. Nobody watching but we can’t give all these jocks their huge paychecks if they don’t play. Gotta be normal, right? The ACC announces an eleven game college football season. Who are they trying to kid? And then there is HS athletics. We would risk the lives of our kids and our teachers so a few darling stars can show off their guns for the scouts. Seriously? COVID is real. The US no longer is. In a colossal show of silliness the Kansas legislature passed a law banning the governor from governing until Sept 15 and the governor helped write it and signed it. Wow! We have been spending the last four months increasing our status as the world’s biggest joke. Time to suck it up and stop making excuses. Adults, like it or not, will have to be adults again, all of them.

  11. I wouldn’t trust McConnell as far as I could throw him. What he says now means nothing. Remember the farcical show trial to impeach Trump and McConnell’s promise to hold a fair and unbiased trial in the Senate. Yeah, you can trust McConnell. That A’hole is as much to blame for where we are now as Trump himself.

    1. Oh he’s definitely the type to be right there with Trump delaying the election if he thinks he can hold onto power longer.

  12. Trump has played his first card. The election will be fraudulent. He did not lose. He will then be able to shed an onerous presidency that has consistently limited his behavior and still keep influence with his admiring masses. For Trump, what’s not to like?

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