BEHOLD! ‘The Memo’

“You’ll figure it out”.


Barclays’ Wealth Management: Donald Trump Is Not Behind The Stock Market Rally

“How much of today’s undeniably rosy cheeked US economic health can we attribute to the US President?”

Trump Grabs Irony By The Pussy, Says FBI, DOJ Are ‘Sacred’ And Can’t Be Politicized

In stone, cold proof that irony is indeed dead, Donald Trump is up early on Friday tweeting about the FBI (as he’s prone to do).

On This, The Day Of His Daughter’s Wedding, A Stable Genius Would Like To Know If Rod Rosenstein Is ‘On His Team’

“As one does, when one’s own family is the subject of the goddamn investigation.”

David Stockman Rips Trump’s ‘Delusional SOTU’

“Donald Trump is walking himself right into a miserable trap. He and his putative “advisors” are apparently so blind to the severe headwinds facing the financial markets and the deep structural impairments plaguing the US economy that they have eagerly embraced a veritable fairy tale.”

FBI Has ‘Grave Concerns’ About Nunes Memo Which Contains ‘Material Omissions Of Fact’

Imagine that!

The FBI Is On Fire (Not, Like, The Reichstag. But Maybe That Too!)

President Banana Republic.

Sean Hannity’s Reaction To The NYT Mueller Story Is The Best Thing On The Internet This Week

“Rapidly aging squirrel taint Sean Hannity did not like the scoop Thursday night about President Shithole trying to fire special counsel Robert Mueller in a fit of bloated, know-nothing rage.”

Let’s Stop Pretending Like We Don’t Know Why The Dollar ‘Overreacted’ To Steve Mnuchin

Hint: there’s a moron in charge of U.S. trade policy.

Trump Calls Story He Ordered Mueller Fired ‘Fake News’ And Other Video Highlights From Friday

As you know, Donald Trump is loose in Switzerland where world leaders, titans of industry and various other luminaries are being forced to entertain the U.S. President in the interest of giving American citizens a well-deserved break from humoring the failed mail order steak salesman masquerading as a hapless autocrat.

Bombshell: Trump Ordered Robert Mueller Fired Last Year, McGahn Threatened To Quit

And Mueller has known for months.

Is Fox News Just Trying To Get People Killed Now?

“Is there anything more to this “secret society” conspiracy theory than the asinine ramblings of an old GOP senator from Wisconsin? Why yes!”

‘He’s A Killer’: Trump Associates Warn President Of ‘Suicide Mission’ In Mueller Interview

“I find it to be a death wish.”

Here’s How Bad The Real News Has Been For Trump In Just The Past 18 Hours

Every one of those stories is disastrous for Trump. The first one suggests he’s still actively obstructing justice, the second one suggests one of the people involved in that ongoing obstruction is now a person of interest in a probe by the people who are the target of the obstruction, and the third one seems to portend another government shutdown, this time closer to the debt limit.

Schumer Calls Trump Lump Of ‘Jell-O’, White House Says Trump Is ‘Real-Life Superman’

Superman or gelatinous dessert? You decide.