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Some Guy Dressed Up Like Steve Mnuchin Is Going To Send You Free Money ‘I Mean Now’

"In the next two weeks".

"In the next two weeks".
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9 comments on “Some Guy Dressed Up Like Steve Mnuchin Is Going To Send You Free Money ‘I Mean Now’

  1. Anonymous

    And Trump claimed that he always knew it was a pandemic before anyone else.

  2. Mnuchin is the one member of the (Senior) Administration who is doing his job.

  3. good managers always clean up after the bad ones … which is Mnuchin?

  4. I’ll believe it when I get the check. Let’s hope this isn’t just trying to BS the market up one more time before the crash recommences. Things are looking materially worse constantly.

  5. Anonymous

    Black Hawk Down!

  6. I am doubtful there is a good mechanism to distribute money in two weeks. If everybody got a check at the same time, it would cause chaos at bank branches.

  7. I wonder when the Tea Party rallies are going to start back up? (Joking, we all know they won’t.)

  8. Anonymous

    I was wondering the same exact thing CB. Oh wait, that was a Democratic President so that makes it all different and okay, right?

  9. Why only a $1000? These half measures make no sense. We need to forgive all student debt, (a paltry 1.5 trillion), then have a debt jubilee in which all credit card debt is forgiven, (about 1/2 trillion.) These are small numbers considering every time we go into some BS foreign war it ends up costing us a trillion.

    Then hand each American $3000 dollars. Given the strength of the US dollar, its doubtful we’d even breech 90 on the DXY.

    So lets take on the debt now and we can prevent spending money on useless wars for at least another decade!

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