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$850 Billion.

Governments are under pressure to do something - anything.

Governments are under pressure to do something - anything.
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7 comments on “$850 Billion.

  1. Mr. Oxygen

    Privatizing profits and socializing losses has an effect, and typically that effect includes displacement of individuals with mental issues, they may not have jobs now hell they may not even have homes. Payroll taxes do nothing for them. This needs to be helicopter money that includes provisions for the homeless.

    • Mr. Oxygen

      So what do you call something that. It is not socialism. Is it reparations? The powerful while socializing losses have worked us into the ground and swept the weak off of the floor. Is that capitalism? Is that Mr. Market? I say it is not. Mr. Market aka capitalism demands price discovery. The true cost of socializing losses in our so called free market have not been payed. This should be framed as reparations not socialism.

  2. Airlines. I suggest you try to find Joe Kiernan’s wise comment on the industry around 8:38.

    He rightly focused on a carbon-neutral plan Delta announced a month ago! “Are they still going to plant trees in Africa?”

    There! Don’t blame buybacks! It was a green initiative that is causing their financial stress!

    He also ranted about a profit-sharing proposal they mentioned.

  3. So the Wall Street gangstas gonna get away with another bailout just like they did 11 years ago. We never learn.

  4. “It’s maddening, frankly. Rest assured, if the Chinese (just to use a hypothetical) were to conduct a bombing raid across America that killed or injured as many Americans as this virus is going to kill and sicken, nobody on Capitol Hill would be worried about the deficit when it comes to ramping up military spending in order to respond.”

    Kinda makes you think as to why the outbreak is happening at all. Or has the origin of the virus already gone down the memory hole? Politically correct thinking stifles reason and deadens perception.

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