Keep. It. Together.



No Tapestries For This Market.

“Dear me, the man is dense, is he not? This is a castle isn’t it? There are tapestries here?”

The Dragon, The Riks, And The Wardrobe

Well, here’s hoping the “dragon energy” is with you on Thursday.

‘Dragon Energy’.

That’s one “very cool” holding pattern.

Pins And Needles.


Bad Things Come In 3s.

This was just the kind of day that makes you dread the rest of the week.

Around The World In 1,200 Words: Full Week Ahead Preview

As usual, lots on the docket.

A Bit Of Confusion.

Well, that was interesting.

Breaking The Bank.

Beleaguered banks, commodities on the come up, golf, the usual…

Truly Fine Gentlemen.

In good hands.

Go Long.

And it’s only Monday.

Trump Wakes Up, Screams At Russia, China For ‘Playing Unacceptable Devaluation Games!’

“Not acceptable!”

Chinese Stocks Fall As Hong Kong Warns ‘Rising Rates Are Unavoidable’

“We must carefully consider whether we can cope with the increase in interest expense on loans, and we must also pay attention to the increase in interest rates to asset prices.”

‘Oh, My God’: Full Week Ahead Preview

Plenty to fret about (and laugh at).

Slime Balls, Animals And Lawyers, Oh My!

All you can do is laugh.