credit FX Markets pound stocks



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8 comments on “Ablaze.

  1. Bill Ackman literally presaged the end of the United States as we know it live on broadcast television. This is textbook max fear.

  2. Any guesses on how long this fx liquidity issue is going to cause the dollar to keep rising? Days or months?

    • Days. Months would imply a financial apocalypse.

      Central banks have to get credit markets to some semblance of functionality, otherwise the rest of the emergency financial measures won’t work for any length of time.

  3. “Although the trajectory of cases in Asia has flattened, the US, Europe, and Iran are still on a disconcerting upswing.”

    Based on the word of the Chinese government? Didn’t China just ban our reporters? I would say it’s safe to say we have little idea what’s going on in China.

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