Train Wreck.

Monday was a train wreck from start to finish.


A Bearish Start To Your Week

Well, things took a decisive turn for the worst just after the European open…

Traders Are ‘Jumping At Shadows’ Ahead Of Key Data In The U.S.

Don’t worry, it should be fine.

Where The Risks Are: A Spider Web Of Financial Excess

“Mostly reassuring.”

You’re Not Wrong Walter, You’re Just An Asshole.

“Am I wrong?”

Short Demand For HY ETFs Hits Record

“The ability to achieve HY short exposure via exchange listed products has allowed a wider range of market participants to put the trade on.”

They’ve Done Studies You Know…

60% of the time…

What’s Going On With Credit Vol.?

“…the tail risk associated with the bond trade unwind has become more visible.”

While You’re Waiting, Can I Interest You In Some Stocks?

So in the meantime…

Are The Locusts Coming? Here’s What History Says About Stocks, Credit, Yields And Inflation

“Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!”

High Note.

And so the holiday-shortened week comes to a close and it delivered everything that could have been reasonably expected of it.

In High Yield: Exodus

“Big league”.

Is This How The Junk Bond ETFs Blow Up?

You know there’s probably something a bit quixotic about the crusade to warn of an eventual blowup in the high yield ETF space. But…

What The Hell Is Going On With The Largest IG Corporate Bond ETF?

Boy, I’ll tell you what: you people are yanking money out of bond funds like there’s no tomorrow.

Are Central Banks Trying To ‘Purposely’ Engineer Volatility? These Investors Think So

The bottom line: for credit investors, the risk of central banks becoming more hawkish is now a two-headed beast.