The Big Top, The Big Long, The Big Short, & The Big Risk (‘Big League’)

The air up here is thin.


Sour Note.

Well, an eventful week ended on a sour note, which is a shame for the bulls because Thursday was a barnburner. 

Watch The Throne.

What happens over the weekend no longer remains confined to the weekend.

‘The Biggest ETF In Town’

“And with CSPP holdings at €116bn and growing, a big ETF at that!”

‘Fuggedaboutit’: Bill Gross Says ‘This Market Is Fake’


Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere…

“Bubbles, bubbles, every where, Nor any one to pop.”

‘The Results Look Pretty Bleak’

You have been warned (again) (and again) (and again).

‘Listen Up!’ Albert Edwards Wants To Talk To You About Bubbles

“The Fed and BoE are once again presiding over a credit bubble, with the BoE in particular suffering a painful episode of cognitive dissonance in an effort to shift the blame elsewhere – the credit bubble is everyone’s fault but theirs.”

I’m Out Of Bullets, How About You?

Can I borrow your double-edged sword?

With Corporate Debt-To-GDP At An All-Time High, The Defaults Are Coming…

I have absolutely no idea how any of that is sustainable and/or realistic. 

This Hasn’t Happened Since 2014 (iTraxx Edition)…

Ok, it looks like some folks have seen enough. 

Requiem For A Crisis.

Kind of makes you think…

‘Quantitative Failure’ Crashes The ‘Party’

“It’s important to remember that this is merely a microcosm of the larger dynamic at play across assets and across regions.”

Trader: Here Is The Only Way This Can End Well

“So how then might the story line read? That all this nonsense that globally rising rates and widespread balance sheet reduction just can’t be a calm experience. Investors simply own too much toxic “financial products” to make that likely.”

Grizzly Attack! Albert Edwards Says ‘January 2008 Is Here Again’

“This was last seen in 2007, just before the bursting debt bubble blew the global economy and financial system to smithereens.”