‘Trade War 2.0’ And The Empty Optimism Toothpaste Tube

‘Trade War 2.0’ And The Empty Optimism Toothpaste Tube

"We are now in the 'already squeezed the reasons for optimism out of the toothpaste tube' phase", Nomura's Charlie McElligott wrote Monday, as global risk aversion proliferated on the back of renewed geopolitical tensions and harsh economic realities in the "here and now" (i.e., irrespective of expected improvements down the road). Donald Trump appears close to donning his "Tariff Man" costume to extract "reparations" from China over the coronavirus, which the administration is poised to say or
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4 thoughts on “‘Trade War 2.0’ And The Empty Optimism Toothpaste Tube

    1. They initially published that in March. At the time I did not know I was reading fake news. I better look into that Brookings crap I read. It is a shame people do not read this stuff in print anymore, book burnings can never be great again.

  1. Noteworthy that the 200-WEEK MA support @ 2650 is also currently the max short gamma level for the option dealers. That better be very strong support, because it looks like the velocity of selling approaching 2650 will be quite high.

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