‘As Far As I’m Concerned, It’s Just Speculation’: Full Week Ahead Preview

“Right away, you’re ready to sell it.”


‘Aluminum Tubes!’ Trump To Slap World With (More) Tariffs Because ‘Imports Threaten National Security’

“Decimated by dumping”.

It’s Time To Make Rolling Back 71 Years Of Progress On Global Trade Great Again!

Put away your jingoism for a minute and ask yourself if you honestly believe that rolling back what you see in the chart below is really going to help middle America…

As The Rally Steams Ahead, How Worried Should You Be About NAFTA And Trade Wars?

As we saw this week, they’re not so good at being subtle. 

This Shit Is Deeper Than Washing Machines: Markets Aren’t Ready For Trump’s ‘Hot’ Trade War

It’s deeper than residential washing machines, folks.

Geopolitics & Wild Cards: Full Week Ahead Preview

Geopolitics is back in the spotlight to start the week.

Goldman Presents: 3 Reasons For Equity Investors To Fear A Slowdown In Global Trade

So obviously, deglobalization is a terrible idea. It’s a step backward in time. It represents the devolution of society into tribalism, nationalism, xenophobia, etc. In short: it’s dumb. As in literally dumb. It’s evidence that we are, as a global community, actually getting stupider in terms of our ability to identify as human beings first…

China? China! Kuroda Contemplates His Exit, And Other Overnight Shenanigans

It’s “Super Thursday” and although the real fireworks (if there are any) aren’t set to begin until later, it was indeed an interesting overnight session. We’ll start in Japan where GDP data missed badly. Here’s the quick breakdown: Japan Revised 1Q GDP Rises Annualized 1%; Est. +2.4% GDP rises 0.3% q/q; est. +0.6% Nominal GDP…

Did This “Leading Indicator” Just Ring The Bell For Emerging Markets?

Simply put…

It’s Tuesday And This Market “Sees No Demons”

“With French political risk significantly reduced (even if there’s still a two-week second round campaign to negotiate), an improving global economy, steadier oil prices, and most of all, range-bound US yields and a lack of fear of rapid Fed tightening, investors see few demons and are off in search of yield.”

Here Are The 5 Most Important Questions In US Politics

Are you confused about the political outlook in Washington? Yeah? Well, that’s ok because believe me, everyone in Washington is confused too. At a certain level, it’s nice to see Donald Trump deviating from what we might call “Steve Bannon’s Four-Year Plan To Destroy Western Democracy,” but then again, a series of hilarious policy flip-flops…

Deutsche Bank’s Kocic Delivers Stark Warning: Beware Populist “Buyer’s Remorse”

“The initial embrace of populism has gained traction based largely on a belief that political disruption, as a mode of change, deserves the same status that creative destruction used to have in the post industrial era with resulting political entropy becoming one of the main sources of market volatility.”

“Hold My Beer While I Meet Xi.” And Everything Else You Need To Know On Thursday

It’s Thursday, which means today’s Donald Trump gets to look the Donald Trump who refused to shake Angela Merkel’s hand square in the eyes and say “hold my beer.” Chinese President Xi Jinping (also known as the most important person on the planet) will visit Trump at the President’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida (where else, right?)…

Jobs, Minutes, Xi & The Juiceman: Your Full Week Ahead Preview

Welcome to the first quarter of the rest of your life. Q2 marks markets’ first full quarter under President Crazy Orange Juiceman, and there’s a lot to be excited about. Equities are still trading at absurd multiples on hopes that somehow the administration will be able to sneak its agenda by a Congress that’s ready to storm the…

It’s Quiet Out There: G-20 Leaves Markets Feeling “Damp And Grey”

It feels quiet out there. Maybe a little too quiet. There’s plenty of G-20 banter about the US/Trump having “won” at the weekend gathering in Germany. In this context, “winning” means successfully getting the “resist all forms of protectionism” language removed from the communique. Remember, in Trump/Navarro make-believe land, free trade is a bad thing, so telling everyone…