The Lobster King, America First And A Potentially Dangerous Chart

"Peter Navarro’s going to be the Lobster King now, OK?", Donald Trump said, during a truly amusing roundtable event in Bangor, Maine, where he spoke with aggrieved fisherman. The president is upset about tariffs imposed by the EU and China on live lobsters. Or at least he pretended to be upset on Friday, while chatting with a group that included former governor, Paul LePage. The transcript of the exchange is almost too funny to be true. "You folks are going to tell me about the EU – ok

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4 thoughts on “The Lobster King, America First And A Potentially Dangerous Chart

  1. I have the fortune of spending 1/2 of my year in the great state of Maine, a place where the term “independent voter” still carries real meaning. I can tell you from interacting with fishermen and business folk alike that the lobster industry got hammered by the trade war, lobstermen here lost their biggest client in China and the business went to Canada. So yes, it is the same lobster and many in the state suspect Maine lobsters are still shipping out to China but through Canada and in “Canadian” packaging. Maine lobstermen are so enraged that I am expecting Susan Collins to lose her senate seat easily, something I would have never imagined 3 years ago. Good riddance if you ask me, time for Susan to “learn” her lesson.

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