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SCOTUS, POTUS, Infrastructure And A Warning From Bridgewater

"...some companies will die or their shares will devalue along the way".

"...some companies will die or their shares will devalue along the way".
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6 comments on “SCOTUS, POTUS, Infrastructure And A Warning From Bridgewater

  1. How do you reconcile this with JP Morgan’s assessment that US equities have some 47% upside this year alone?

    • Ria says:

      That is what makes markets!

      • That, and you also have to understand that everything isn’t an official house call. That bit from JPM was just an update to a general framework that appears every now and again in their weekly “Flows & Liquidity” series. They never said “this year alone” and that wasn’t really a “call”, per se. It was more “oh, and by the way, based on this one framework that we look at…”

  2. cdameworth says:

    So he’s saying there’s a chance…

    Trump seems to be going full on “ignorance is bliss”.

    If we never tested anyone for anything the United States would be completely disease free, statistically.
    We’d just have a much larger percentage of deaths due to natural causes than the rest of the world.

  3. Mr. Lucky says:

    “Globalization, perhaps the largest driver of developed world profitability over the past few decades, has already peaked”, Bridgewater warns. Perhaps. But would ending globalization improve our lot in the global arena? I sincerely doubt that but we seem determined to give isolation another try. One aside on this point is the irony that will arise if we try to move all that global stuff back onshore. Without significant in-migration we won’t have enough workers to do the job. Also, in many cases our native workers don’t have the skills honed by those who have been supplying us from abroad.

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