Government Model Predicts Dramatic Rise In COVID-19 Deaths By June 1. White House Says Never Heard Of It

Model? What model?

"This is not a White House document nor has it been presented to the Coronavirus Task Force or gone through interagency vetting", White House spokesman Judd Deere said Monday. Deere was responding to a report from The New York Times, which cited internal government documents showing a projected steep increase in daily COVID-19 deaths by June 1. According to a CDC model, as many as 3,000 Americans per day will succumb to the virus by the first of next month, up sharply from the current rate of between 1,750 - 2,000. The document, embedded in full below, also appears to show new cases per day rising to some 200,000 (or more) by the first of June. That would represent a nearly tenfold increase in daily confirmed infections. Obviously, the more you test, the more confirmed cases you'll have. Nevertheless, the new figures underscore the inherent risks of reopening the economy, and in that regard, the news comes at an inopportune time. Multiple states are currently in the process of implementing (or planning) the relaxation of lockdown protocols, something Trump has encouraged, going so far as to tweet in all-caps about the "liberation" of citizens living under stay-at-home orde
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5 comments on “Government Model Predicts Dramatic Rise In COVID-19 Deaths By June 1. White House Says Never Heard Of It

  1. Seems like we’ll be taking off our parachutes halfway through the jump…

  2. Knowing that the vast majority of the deaths, sadly, are among the elderly, who, presumably, are collecting Social Security, I wonder how much of the administration’s calculus is about taking the opportunity to cut Social Security and Medicare-related expenses. Entitlements, you know.

    • These are disproportionately Trump/Republican voters as well. So it seems they are killing the goose laying golden eggs as well. Deaths should be highest in those states that open up first therefore could mean a shifting of public opinion when they see body bags. Seems Trump and Republicans are taking the risk of the gamble. I guess if your risk is jail time then this gamble may be just fine.

  3. And when the death rates start to skyrocket the pressure will start to rise to shut down again. Too bad we’re stuck with the idiot President until January … at best (thanks to that traitor McConnel). So many useless money-sucking members of congress with only their own personal interests and those of the rich at heart. Sad to see America crumbling like this. No peoples heroes in the GOP. Haven’t heard much from Mitt lately…

  4. Those of us not in nursing homes and therefore more exposed to Covid-19 who depend on Social Security which we paid into all our working lives won’t take kindly to any attempt to cut our benefits (note not entitlements!).

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