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Pompeo Says ‘Enormous Evidence’ Links COVID-19 To Chinese Lab. Trump Waxes Biblical About ‘Great Plague’

"....And then came a Plague, a great and powerful Plague."

"....And then came a Plague, a great and powerful Plague."
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9 comments on “Pompeo Says ‘Enormous Evidence’ Links COVID-19 To Chinese Lab. Trump Waxes Biblical About ‘Great Plague’

  1. The greatest danger in the world beyond the pandemic is Trump stupidity, and then of course the GOP toolkit that supports and fuels greater stupidity. However, at some point, a vaccine may be engineered to fool the covid virus and stop it from spreading, but how does one stop stupidity from infecting Republicans and poisoning our democracy?

  2. Only one thing is apparent in all of these accusations pertaining to the origin of the virus and that is the fact that unsubstantiated , unfounded accusations are the norm and this is primarily a Propaganda War…

  3. Anonymous

    Sounds like Trump went full Wolf King this morning.

  4. Another view from China.

    • Yep, China’s culpability is likely more regional authorities than national. The original doctor getting disciplined for sounding the alarm was likely never raised to the central government and once they got wind of it they went full public. Now a lab leak is plausible and would easily jive with everything else but there is no indication they did anything but warn everyone and their actions easily. If it was a lab leak there is nothing that would actually be gained by making it public.

  5. The allegations of the USA Con Man in Chief are unprovable. Therefore both sides can stand toe-to-toe for a century glaring at each other, while all the little people suffer.

  6. Does the mean Trump is the real life “Manchurian Candidate”? –all of his statements downplaying the virus, taking no constructive steps to contain it and touting miracle cures that promote a false sense of security –can’t they now be interpreted as part of this insidious Chinese plot to destroy America ?

  7. “employing repressive tactics, silencing dissent and generally refusing to admit the scope of the problem in a timely fashion”… was that happening there, or, here??? C’mon

  8. Aside from the China as a straw man stuff, there has been a fairly credible conspiracy theory about leaking from the Wuhan lab ( studying exactly this kind of coronavirus (rather than the wet markets) being a source.

    Interestingly one of the funders of this lab (not mentioned by the current righteously indignant) is NIAID.

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